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The Magic of Pantomime

- a unique British entertainment that takes place in theatres

across the United Kingdom during the Christmas season, and beyond.


SHAW COULDN'T HAVE WRITTEN IT: The Oliviers couldn't act it., Gigli couldn't sing it, and Fonteyn couldn't dance it.

It's pantomime. It happens - once a year all over Britain. And there's no other art form quite like it

From a 1946 Article





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'..the ten thousand million delights of a pantomime...come streaming upon us now.. I was brought up from remote country parks in the dark ages of 1819-20 to behold the splendour of Christmas Pantomime and the humour of the great Grimaldi.. in whose honour I am informed I clapped my hands with great precocity'. CHARLES DICKENS




A gallery of costumes designed by Nigel Ellacott, including original sketches, which are now available to hire. More Details

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31st March 1953 - 15th April 2009

Tribute Page

Ever wondered what the origins of the pantomime stories were, well now we can help. Information about the origins, along with character names, scenery pictures and costume designs.


A useful resource for scriptwriters!

All the information you could ever require about Nigel and Peter.


Also features a Scrapbook

Dorothy Ward

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Was your Great Auntie on the halls? Did your Grandpa play Abanazar at Attercliffe? Want to find out?

The Stage have launched an online archive from 1880 to 1996

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Three things are required at Christmas time;

Plum Pudding, Beef and Pantomime; 

Folks could resist the former two;

Without the latter none could do. 

(From an old Pantomime playbill)


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