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This year Jimmy and Brian Patton celebrate 54 consecutive pantomimes in a career that has encompassed Panto, Variety and Television for over Sixty Years. Jimmy has been in the business for sixty-three years, and this year Brian reaches his sixtieth year in showbusiness– an amazing achievement! In all those years they have never missed a performance- something that must surely qualify them for a world record!

This Christmas, 2009, The Pattons and their real life brothers, The “Chuckles” will be touring Britain’s major theatres together in “A Christmas Chuckle”.

A double act since 1954, the brothers come from good theatrical stock. Their father was Gene Patton, who was with Ernie Lottonga and later with Bobby Thompson for many years, and at one time his comic feed was the 19 year old impressionist Peter Sellers.


The Patton’s younger brothers are “The Chuckle Brothers”, Paul and Barry, famed for “Chucklevision” and countless panto  appearances, but not however as many as Brian and Jimmy! Jimmy Patton started straight from school in 1946 joining Britain’s “Dead End Kids”, and performed in five pantomimes before he was joined by his brother Brian.


Brian teamed up with Jimmy for the 1956 “Aladdin” at the Wimbledon Theatre as Chinese Policemen- a role they were to play a further many times, along with brokers men, robbers, henchmen, captain and mate, Ugly Sisters, Chief and Dame - with the “Chuckles” -  but never a partridge in a pear tree!


Among the stars they have appeared with in Pantomime you can include Douglas Byng, Billy Dainty, George Lacy, Ronnie Corbett, Barbara Windsor, John Inman (at the Victoria Palace, London, and a further four pantomimes) With Leslie Crowther, Jack Tripp, Eve Boswell and Tommy Fields (Gracie’s Little Brother), Terry Scott, Ossie Morris (In Cardiff of course, his home ground) as well as Jack Milroy, Dickie Valentine and numerous stars in over fifty years.


The Patton’s have spanned the great years of pantomime and still continue to bring double mirth to pantomimes today. They recently appeared as The Ugly Sisters and the press said “They played their wicked roles to perfection and had by far the best lines in the production…”. So we should think so too! They have appeared each year for over half a century as Policemen, or Captain and Mate, as Kings and Clowns, and last year at Billingham they excelled as Broker’s Men in “Goldilocks” alongside Darren Day and Ken Morley,- long may the Patton Brothers reign supreme in Pantoland!



The Chuckle Brothers on The Good Old Days

This is a clip of both Paul and Barry, and Jimmy and Brian Patton performing as The Chuckle Brothers


The Patton Brothers on the Vera Lynn Show - 1961 - Banana Boat Song


The Patton Brothers - The Ice Cream Gag - Dick Whittington (Year Unknown)


The Patton Brothers - Money Makes The World Go Round - Dick Whittington (Dublin 1990)


The Patton Brothers - Lily The Pink - Date Unknown


Bill West and his Harmony Boys (Brian Solo)

Year Theatre Town Pantomime
1949 Hippodrome Dudley Aladdin
1950 Wimbledon Wimbledon Aladdin
1951 Empire Theatre Swansea Robinson Crusoe



Year Theatre Town Pantomime Role Stars
1956 Wimbledon Wimbledon Aladdin Policemen Douglas Byng, Jasmine Dee
1957 Pavilion Glasgow Goldilocks Henchmen Jack Milroy
1958 Palace Leicester Cinderella Brokers Men Freddie Sales, Anna Dawson
1959 New Theatre Cardiff Cinderella Brokers Men Billy Dainty, Ossie Morris
1960 Theatre Royal Exeter Babes in the Wood Robbers Danny O'Dea
1961 Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Aladdin Policemen Ted Hockridge, Miki & Griff
1962 Grand Theatre Wolverhampton Aladdin Policemen Ted Hockridge, Miki & Griff
1963 Princess Theatre Torquay Aladdin Policemen Eve Boswell, Miki & Griff
1964 Grand Theatre Wolverhampton Babes in the Wood Robbers John Hanson, Tommy Fields
1965 Grand Theatre Leeds

Robinson Crusoe

Captain & Mate Ronnie Hilton, Ted Rogers, Jack Tripp
1966 Lyceum Sheffield Cinderella Brokers Men Dickie Valentine, Joe Black
1967 Princess Theatre Torquay Jack and the Beanstalk Henchmen The Rocking Berries
1968 City Varieties Leeds Cinderella Brokers Men Kenny Cantor, Grande & Mars
1969 Pavilion Bournemouth Cinderella Brokers Men Ted Rogers, Tommy Rose
1970 Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Cinderella Brokers Men Ronnie Corbett, Jean Bayless
1971 Palladium London Cinderella Brokers Men Ronnie Corbett, Terry Scott & Julian Orchard
1972 Hippodrome Bristol Cinderella Brokers Men Ronnie Corbett, John Inman & Barry Howard
1973 Palace Manchester Cinderella Brokers Men Ronnie Corbett, John Inman & Barry Howard
1974 Alexandra Theatre Birmingham Babes in the Wood Robbers Leslie Crowther, Jack Tripp
1975 Theatre Royal Nottingham Robin Hood Robbers Leslie Crowther, Jack Tripp
1976 Pavilion Bournemouth Robin Hood Robbers Leslie Crowther, Jack Tripp
1977 Theatre Royal Norwich Jack and the Beanstalk Henchmen Bill Maynard, George Lacey
1978 Adam Smith Centre Kirkcaldy Babes in the Wood Robbers Russell Hunter
1979 New Theatre Oxford Mother Goose Henchmen John Inman, Billy Burden
1980 Davenport Theatre Stockport Mother Goose Henchmen John Inman, Jane Fyffe
1981 Victoria Palace London Mother Goose Henchmen John Inman, Arthur Lowe, Ian Lavender
1982 Empire Theatre Liverpool Mother Goose Henchmen John Inman, Bill Waddington
1983 Theatre Royal Norwich Dick Whittington Captain & Mate Paul Henry, Len Howe
1984 Gaiety Theatre Dublin Dick Whittington Captain & Mate Maureen Potter
1985 Theatre Royal Nottingham Aladdin Policemen Jimmy Cricket, Barbara Windsor
1986 Gaiety Theatre Dublin Sleeping Beauty Henchman Brendan Grace
1987 Gaiety Theatre Dublin Sinbad the Sailor Captain & Mate  
1988 Theatre Royal Norwich Robinson Crusoe Captain & Mate Mark Winter, Jimmy Thompson
1989 Theatre Royal Newcastle Cinderella Ugly Sisters Ronnie Corbett, Patsy Rowlands
1990 Gaiety Theatre Dublin Dick Whittington Captain & Mate Twink
1991 Churchill Theatre Bromley Jack and the Beanstalk Henchmen Ronnie Corbett, Barrie Howard
1992 Kings Theatre Edinburgh Dick Whittington Captain & Mate Allan Stennet
1993 Churchill Theatre Bromley Cinderella Ugly Sisters Ronnie Corbett, Janet Brown
1994 New Theatre Cardiff Cinderella Ugly Sisters Ronnie Corbett, Carmen Sylvera
1995 Churchill Theatre Bromley Aladdin Policemen Gloria Hunniford, Bonnie Langford
1996 Churchill Theatre Bromley Mother Goose Henchmen Ronnie Corbett, Donald Hewlett
1997 Forum Billingham Goldilocks Robbers Bobby Knutt
1998 Southport Theatre Southport Goldilocks Robbers Steven Pinder
1999 Charter Theatre Preston Dick Whittington Captain & Mate David Lonsdale
2000 Forum Billingham Dick Whittington Captain & Mate Jonathan Guy Lewis
2001 Civic Theatre Darlington Aladdin Chief & Dame The Chuckle Brothers
2002 Regent Theatre Stoke Aladdin Chief & Dame The Chuckle Brothers
2003 Arena St. Albans Cinderella Ugly Sisters Carla Bonner
2004 North Wales Theatre Llandudno Cinderella Ugly Sisters Vicki Michelle, Michael Starke
2005 North Wales Theatre Llandudno Jack and the Beanstalk King & Dame Lisa Riley
2006 Sands Centre Carlisle Aladdin Policemen Kim Gee, Neil Armstrong
2007 Albert Halls Bolton Little Red Riding Hood   Ted Robbins
2008 Forum Theatre Billingham Goldilocks and the Three Bears Robbers

Ken Morley, Darren Day, Stephanie Dooley, Damien Patton   Handbill

2009 National UK Tour   A Christmas Chuckle  

The Chuckle Brothers, Safire (Jayne and Stuart Loughland)

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