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2016 Dates

The Pantomime Roadshow



Weeks commencing September 26th

and October 3rd 2016

The Kenneth More Theatre Redbridge

& East London Roadshow


w/c 17th October 2016

The Venue Cymru Llandudno Roadshow



The Pantomime Roadshow 


Theatres and Managements wishing further information, or to book 'The Magic of Pantomime' Roadshow should contact

Nigel Ellacott


Andrew Ryan and Nigel Ellacott - Pantomime Roadshow 2012

2015 Dates

The Pantomime Roadshow

Weeks commencing September 21st and September 28th 2014.

The Kenneth More Theatre Redbridge & East London Roadshow

Week Commencing October 5th The Civic Theatre Darlington Roadshow

Week Commencing October 12th  The Theatre Royal Newcastle Roadshow

Week Commencing October 19th The Venue Cymru Llandudno Roadshow

With Nigel Ellacott & Andrew Ryan this season will be

Nathan Daniel (Darlington and Newcastle) and Grant Alvarez (Ilford and Llandudno)


2014 Dates

The Pantomime Roadshow

Weeks commencing September 22nd  and September 29th 2014.

The Kenneth More Theatre Redbridge Roadshow

Week Commencing October 13th  The Mayflower Theatre Southampton Roadshow

Week Commencing October 20th  The Venue Cymru Llandudno Roadshow

Week Commencing October 27th  The SECC Glasgow Roadshow

Week Commencing November 3rd  The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton Roadshow

Week Commencing November 10th  The Alhambra Theatre Bradford Roadshow


2013 Dates

Weeks commencing September 23rd and September 30th 2013.

Visiting schools in The London Boroughs of Redbridge on behalf of the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford. 

Week Commencing October 7th  Southampton, on behalf of The Mayflower Theatre Southampton

Week Commencing October 14th  Bradford, on behalf of The Alhambra Theatre Bradford

Week Commencing October 21st  Glasgow, on behalf of the SECC Glasgow

Week Commencing November 4th  Wolverhampton, on behalf of the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton


2012 Dates

The Pantomime Roadshow

30th June 2012 - Armed Forces Day, National Arboretum, Staffordshire


Redbridge Pantomime Roadshow

Week commencing September 24th and week commencing October 1st 2012.

Visiting schools in The London Boroughs of Redbridge, Newham and

Waltham Forest on behalf of the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford. 

The Pantomime Roadshow:

Week Commencing October 15th   Bradford, on behalf of the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford.

Week Commencing October 22nd  Glasgow, on behalf of the SECC Glasgow.

Week Commencing October 29th   Aberdeen, on behalf of His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

Week Commencing November 5th  Wolverhampton, on behalf of the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton


2011 Dates

The Pantomime Roadshow

w/c 26th September & 3rd October 2011 - London Borough of Redbridge / Kenneth More Theatre


Glade Primary, Woodford Green, Little Heath School, Ursuline Prep School, Cranbrook Primary, Dorothy Barley Junior, Gearies Junior, Aldersbrook Primary, Christchurch Primary, Coppice Primary, Brookfield House and Cleveland Junior School.

w/c 31st October 2011 - SECC Glasgow

w/c 7th November 2011 - Bradford Alhambra


2010 Dates

The Pantomime Roadshow

Andrew Ryan, Nigel Ellacott and Nathan Daniel appeared

7th - 12th November 2010 - Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton



The Pantomime Roadshow

Andrew Ryan, Nigel Ellacott and Nathan Daniel appeared

w/c 17th May 2010 - The London Borough of Redbridge

w/c 24th May 2010 - The London Boroughs of Redbridge, Newham and Waltham Forest

Schools to be visited include St. Mary's Chingford, Churchfields Junior, Downshall Junior, Gilbert Colvin, Winston Way Primary, Mossford Green Primary, Mayespark, Woodford Green, Oakhill Primary, Sir John Heron, Manor Primary, Plaistow Primary , New City Primary, Cranbrook Primary and Nightingale Primary.


Andrew Ryan, Nathan Daniel and Nigel Ellacott - Pantomime Roadshow 2010


2009 Highlights

The Pantomime Roadshow


Andrew Ryan, Jody Crosier and Nigel Ellacott - Pantomime Roadshow 2009

w/c 18th May - The London Borough of Redbridge

w/c 1st June - The London Borough of Redbridge

w/c 9th November - Bradford, on behalf of the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

w/c 16th November - Wolverhampton, on behalf of the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton


Photographs from the recent Bradford Alhambra Pantomime Roadshow.

By permission of Rachel Gladman, Senior Press Officer, Yorkshire Building Society, Bradford.

Shirley Manor Primary School.

Featuring Miss Robinson, Nigel Ellacott and Elle Lawton as Aladdin, Megan Kershaw as The Princess with Leo Bennett as Prince Charming.



2008 Highlights

The Pantomime Roadshow

October 6th & week: HULL.. For the New Theatre.
October 20th & week: WOLVERHAMPTON. For the Grand Theatre.
November 3rd & week: ABERDEEN. For His Majesty's Theatre.
November 10th & week: BRADFORD. For The Alhambra Theatre.

Press Story from The Bradford Telegraph and Argus - 19th November 2008

2007 Highlights

The Magic of Pantomime

w/c 29th October - His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

Two Newspaper Articles - The Times Educational Supplement and St Peter's Press/The Primary Times

click to enlarge


Click on letters to read some of the pupils feedback


w/c 5th November - Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

See the Video Feedback from Wolverhampton

Opens in Express and Star Website

Nigel Ellacott, Peter Robbins and Andrew Ryan

The Roadshow tours schools with an educational programme introducing children to the magic of live theatre and especially Pantomime. Aimed at Key Stage Two Primary children it offers what may be the first experience of theatre to pupils in a comedy performance that will both entertain and educate.

Our aim in touring these productions is to encourage children to make that first contact with their local theatre, and to entertain and educate them in the history, traditions and enjoyment that can be gained by doing so. This is, after all the audience of the future.

The first part of the show involves a comedy and interactive performance lasting 40 minutes, and after a short break the second part involves showing the children costumes and props from actual productions, allowing some children and staff to dress up in various costumes, and ends with a lively question and answer session.

The Roadshow visits ten schools a week, playing two performances a day, complete with scenery, costumes and properties. The aim is to play to as many as the school hall will accommodate- generally the Roadshow will perform to approximately 3,000 children each week.

Our aim is to tailor each production to the needs of the local theatre. In short, we represent the Theatre that books the tour, encouraging the audience to make what will often be their first visit to the theatre, which quite often will be to the annual pantomime. We work closely with the theatre’s publicity and marketing departments, highlighting forthcoming productions suitable for the age range. We distribute print and posters to the schools visited, and encourage “follow up” information and communication with the theatres concerned.

A Promotional Video of the Roadshow

with Nigel Ellacott, Peter Robbins and Andrew Ryan

PART ONE (18.3MB - 5 Min)  PART TWO (18.3MB - 5 Min)  PART THREE (3.25MB - 1.5 Min) 

Requires Quicktime (MP4 Format)


The show is presented by Nigel Ellacott, one of the country’s top Dames with over thirty years of experience in theatre and in particular Pantomime. He is joined by another top panto Dame and director Andrew Ryan.

When the children enter their school hall, it has been transformed into your Theatre. They are greeted by the “Theatre Manager”, and the performance commences.- or rather the “Magic” begins!

We are backstage at the local theatre - the Theatre manager is putting on a pantomime, but he has some casting problems. Andrew Ryan enters as a loud, pompous actor, visiting his friend who is in the pantomime- however- he finds a few surprises- the biggest being that he himself is called upon to appear, at short notice- that very night!

Here are some photos from the Magic of Pantomime Roadshow 2006 - Wolverhampton & Aberdeen

Cast - Nigel Ellacott, Peter Robbins and Andrew Ryan

He is the character that seems to know absolutely everything about life upon the stage. He is shortly joined by Nigel Ellacott, as “Billy”, a character who has never been to the Theatre, but is here on work experience. Billy has never even been to a theatre, and  can’t understand what all the fuss is about!. Nigel is the link between the Audience and the information they are receiving in a comic and subtle way. Through laughing at and with these three characters they are continually learning about the Theatre.

During Billy’s time backstage he quickly learns all about life backstage, about props, scenery, costumes.. that lines have to be learnt- he and the audience witness a lightening “Quick Change” in which Andrew’s character is transformed into a Pantomime Dame! The show is filled with comic “business” in a pantomime format- a true taste of what it would be like to visit the forthcoming pantomime at the local theatre.

The presentation covers the reasons why, in Great Britain boys can play girls, and Girls can be Principal boys. The Local Theatre’s current children orientated production is highlighted, before the presentation concludes with some Panto type routines, and a sing-a-long Pantomime songsheet .

After a break of fifteen minutes, the Audience return. Nigel and Andrew are now dressed “As Themselves”, no longer in character. Six or eight children, and several staff are recruited as “SuperModels” to try on the costumes, whilst Nigel explains how a costume is created, using Theatre costumes to illustrate. A digital photograph is taken, and displayed on a Certificate from the Theatre. This is presented to the school. Information on downloading factsheets from our website is also given out. Copies of the Theatre’s poster for the suitable production are also left with the school, along with print for the production.

The presentation concludes with a Question and Answer session with the children, where they can ask any questions  about the Theatre, about life as an actor, or about the scenery and costumes.

These Roadshows have played to over 100,000 children in schools and theatres around the country. The “Magic of Pantomime” Roadshow was recently featured on “Teachers TV” for Anglia Television, and was also featured in the Channel 4 documentary “Pantoland”. The show has also been featured on Radio 4’s “Down Your Way”, and on several regional arts and news television channels across the UK.

“Learning Through Laughter”

as seen on

The following Theatres have booked both versions of the Roadshow:

Aberdeen, His Majesty's Theatre: Bath, Theatre Royal: Basingstoke, The Anvil: Birmingham, Hippodrome: Blackpool, Grand Theatre: Bradford, Alhambra Theatre: Cardiff, New Theatre: Ilford, Kenneth More: Llandudno, North Wales Theatre: Lewisham, Lewisham Theatre: Manchester, Opera House: Nottingham, Theatre Royal: Oldham, Coliseum: Sheffield, Lyceum: Southend, Cliffs Pavilion: Southampton, Mayflower: Stoke, Regent Theatre: Swansea, Grand Theatre: Wimbledon, Wimbledon Theatre: Wolverhampton, Grand Theatre.

The Trafford Centre, Manchester

 See what the press and children have had to say about the Magic of Theatre Roadshow.

Here are some photos from the London Borough of Redbridge Introduction to Theatre Roadshow 2004

Cast - Nigel Ellacott, Peter Robbins and Andrew Ryan


Here are some photos from the 2003 Magic of Pantomime Roadshow.

Cast - Nigel Ellacott, Marc Seymour and Andrew Ryan

The following subjects are covered on the roadshow - we provide these documents as handouts for teachers. You may either choose to print these pages out from the website or download them as Adobe Acrobat files. Visit our DOWNLOAD CENTRE for details on how to obtain these documents.

Cinderella the Pantomime

Joseph Grimaldi

Principal Boys

The Principal Girl

Dan Leno

Pantomime Dames

Dick Whittington

Peter Pan

Jack & The Beanstalk

Superstitions and Tradition




Pictures from the Redbridge Introduction to Theatre Roadshow - 2005


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