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This is another one of those 'work in progress' things - whilst browsing the internet we stumbled across which has some pantomimes from the late 60's, alongside the now regular ITV pantomime. That site has now disappeared and been replaced by but there is no mention of the Television Pantomimes! We are very grateful to Julian Lane who has furnished us with a full listing of BBC Television Pantomimes from 1963 to 1973, and also very grateful to Chris Law at the BBC who filled in the blanks!

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ITV Pantomime - Coronation Street Pantomime (2005)

Information from Radio Times

In a Weatherfield winter wonderland, the country's favourite Street characters take part in a show of panto anarchy which combines the nation's favourite pantomimes rolled into an hour-long special. Frankie Baldwin (Debra Stephenson) takes the lead as Cinderella, with estranged husband Danny (Bradley Walsh) as her dashing Prince Charming, Norris (Malcolm Hebden) and Roy (David Neilson) as the Ugly Sisters, Blanche (Maggie Jones) as Widow Twankey, Les (Bruce Jones) as the Demon King, Bev (Susie Blake) as the Fairy Godmother and Jack Duckworth (William Tarmey) as Baron Hardup.

Broadcast Date - 26th December 2005 on ITV1 6.30 - 7.30pm

ITV Pantomime - Dick Whittington (2002)

Photo Credit :- Nicky Johnston / Radio Times

 Written by Simon Nye / Directed by Geoff Posner

Produced by Geoff Posner and David Tyler

The Queen of Tonga - Amanda Barrie /  Mayor - Sanjeev Bhasker / Dick - Kevin Bishop / Cat - Julian Clary / Mrs Fitzwarren - Vanessa Feltz / Alderman Fitzwarren - James Fleet / The Painter - Harry Hill / Idle Jack - Lee Mack / The Captain - Paul Merton / The Maid of Tonga - Tina O'Brien / Alice - Debra Stephenson / Good Fairy - Jessica Stevenson / King Rat - Mark Williams / Sally the Cook - Richard Wilson (pictured) and The Band - Hearsay

Broadcast Date - 1st January 2002 on ITV1, 5.30 - 7.00pm

BBC Wales Pantomime - Aladdin (2001/2)

Director - Clive Harpwood / Producer - Ailsa Jenkins

With:- OWEN MONEY as Wishee Washee / KELLY MARIE as Aladdin / MAUREEN REES as Maureenie the Genie

Broadcast Date - 31st December 2001 on BBC Wales Digital at 8pm / 1st January 2002 on BBC2 at 3.45pm.

ITV Pantomime - Aladdin (2000)

Writer: Simon Nye / Producer: Lisa Clark / Director: Geoff Posner

With:- ED BYRNE as Aladdin / PATSY KENSIT as Princess / JOHN SAVIDENT as Widow Twankey / GRIFF RHYS JONES as Emperor / MARTIN CLUNES as Abanazer / RALF LITTLE as Wishee Washee / PAUL MERTON as Spirit of the Ring / JULIAN CLARY as Genie of the Lamp / BILLY MURRAY as Police Chief / LISA RILEY as Princess's hand maiden / MEERA SYAL / TRISHA GODDARD / LESLIE PHILLIPS / S CLUB 7

Broadcast Date - 25th December 2000 on ITV1 at 6.15pm

ITV Pantomime - Cinderella (2000)

Writer: Simon Nye / Producer: Helen Pitcher / Director: Liddy Oldroyd

With:- SAMANTHA JANUS as Cinderella / FRANK SKINNER as Buttons / SIAN PHILLIPS as The Evil Baroness / RONNIE CORBETT as Griselda / PAUL MERTON as Lucretia / BEN MILLER as Dandini / JULIAN CLARY as The Good Fairy / ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG as Prince Charming / HARRY HILL as Master of Ceremonies

Broadcast Date - 2nd January 2000 on ITV1 at 6pm

ITV Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk (1998)

Writer: Simon Nye / Producer: Helen Pitcher, Sarah Williams / Director: John Henderson

With:- PAUL MERTON as Narrator / NEIL MORRISSEY as Jack / ADRIAN EDMONDSON as Dame Dolly / GRIFF RHYS JONES as Baron Wasteland / DENISE VAN OUTEN as Jill / MORWENNA BANKS as Goldilocks / JULIE WALTERS as Fairy Godmother / JULIAN CLARY as Giant's Assistant

Broadcast Date - 25th December 1998 on ITV1

BBC Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk (1991)

Writer: Jim Eldridge

With:- Fairy Queen: LESLEY JOSPEH, Fairy Flap: TRICIA GEORGE, First Jack: BARRY CHUCKLE, Second Jack: PAUL CHUCKLE, Squire Hire: JOHN ALTMAN, Dame Turtle: LILA KAYE, Madge the neighbour: ANNE CHARLESTON, Harp: CAROLINE O'CONNOR, Giant: Howard LEW LEWIS, Barry Bitter: MATTHEW DEVITT, Travellers: ANDI PETERS, Travellers: SIMON PARKIN, Presenters: YVETTE FIELDING, Presenters: DIANE LOUISE JORDAN

Broadcast Date - 27th December 1991 on BBC One at 4.15pm

ITV Pantomime - Cinderella (1986)

With:- CHERYL BAKER as Cinderella / BRIAN CONLEY as Dandini / ROY HUDD & BRIAN MURPHY as Ugly Sisters / DANNY LA RUE as Stepmother / FAITH BROWN as Fairy Godmother / JIMMY CRICKET as Buttons / ROY KINNEAR as Baron Hardup / Cameo Appearances from:- Willy Rushton, Mike Reid, Steve Nallon (Spitting Image Margaret Thatcher), Basil Brush, Les Dennis

Broadcast Date - 25th December 1986

We are very grateful to James Brandon for the information on this production.

BBC Pantomime - Aladdin and the Forty Thieves (1983/4)

With:- SARAH GREENE as Aladdin / JOHNNY MORRIS as Widow Twankey / EDWARD BRAYSHAW as Abanazar / KENNETH WILLIAMS as Storyteller

Broadcast Date - Unknown

Crackerjack Pantomime - Robinson Crusoe (1975)

Pictured:- Jan Hunt, Peter Glaze and Don McLean

also starring Windsor Davies, Don Estelle, Alan Curtis, John Laurie, John Inman and Hilary Hutchins

Broadcast on BBC1 - 24th December 1975

Crackerjack Pantomime - Aladdin (1974)

Starring:- Peter Glaze, Jan Hunt, Don Maclean, Jacqueline Clarke, Dana, Ed Stewart, Derek Griffiths, Derek Guyler, Richard Wattis, Jack Warner, Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Terry Walsh (as Dr Who), Michael Aspel and Pan's People

Broadcast on BBC1 - 24th December 1974

BBC Pantomime - Robin Hood (1973)

Starring:- Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd, Anita Harris, Billy Dainty, Dana, Freddie Davies and Alan Curtis

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1973.

BBC Pantomime - Dick Whittington (1972)

Starring:- Dick Emery and Peter Noone, with Michael Aspel, Gemma Craven, Robert Dorning and Stratford Johns

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1972

BBC Pantomime - Aladdin (1971)

Starring:- Cilla Black, Alfred Marks, Roy Castle and Norman Vaughan

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1971

BBC Pantomime - Robinson Crusoe (1970)

Starring:- Ken Dodd, Lyn Kennington, Peter Glaze and Arthur Mullard

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1970

ITV Pantomime - Aladdin (1969)

Starring:- Mike and Bernie Winters, Jack Douglas, Jimmy Logan and Maggie Vickers as Principal Boy.

Broadcast Date - Unknown

BBC Pantomime - Cinderella (1969)

Producer: Freddie Carpenter / Director: Peter Whitmore

Starring:- Anita Harris as Cinderella, Jimmy Tarbuck as Buttons, Beryl Reid as Ugly Sister Marlene, Jack Tripp and Allen Christie

Broadcast Date - 25th December 1969 on BBC1

BBC Pantomime - Humpty Dumpty (1968)

Starring:- Leslie Crowther and Reg Varney

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1968

Rediffusion TV - Aladdin (1967)

starring: Cliff Richard, The Shadows and Arthur Askey

This was transmitted as a one-off Christmas Special, broadcast on Rediffusion TV on Christmas Day, 1967.   It was a shortened and adapted version of the 1964/65 Palladium pantomime.  Several songs were cut out of this TV version (including “Having Fun” and “Genie With the Light Brown Lamp”)  but several extra Shadows’ songs were included  (songs which had not appeared in the original panto version, including a new song, “Everybody Loves Me” for Abanazar.)

A number of the songs were actually mimed to the original LP recording, but some were performed in new versions, probably because they needed to be shortened or altered for the TV production.

Cliff Richard and the Shadows played their original roles, as did Arthur Askey as Widow Twankey.  Vanessa Howard played Princess Balroubadour and the TV cast also included Joan Palethorpe, and Audrey Bayley from the original Palladium production.

Broadcast Date - 25th December 1967

BBC Pantomime - Cinderella (1967)

Starring:- Jimmy Tarbuck, Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1967

BBC Pantomime - Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp (1966)

Starring:- Arthur Askey, Angela Richards and Roy Castle, with Alan Curtis, Mary Millar, Peter Grant, Ian Wallace, Pat Goh, Christine Child, David Davenport, Charlie Cairoli & company, John Wade and The Dougie Squires Dancers

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1966

BBC Pantomime - Mother Goose (1965)

Starring:- Norman Vaughan and Terry Scott, with  Jon Pertwee, Lauri Lupino Lane, Anna Dawson, Joanna Rigby, Kay Lyell, Susan Denny, Bernadette Milnes, The Lynton Boys, and as King Goose a young David Jason

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1965

BBC Pantomime - Robinson Crusoe (1964)

Starring:- Norman Wisdom

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1964

BBC Pantomime - Dick Whittington (1963)

Starring:- Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd and Reg Varney,  with Norman Mitchell, Patricia Lambert, Yvonne Marsh, Gerry Lee, Barbara von der Heyde, David Davenport, Alec Bregonzi and Ken Parry

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1963

BBC Pantomime - Puss in Boots (1962)

Starring:- David Nixon, Reg Varney and Tommy Fields, with John McHugh, George Truzzi, Lauri Lupino Lane, David Davenport, Patricia Cree, Sylvia Norman, Bunty Turner, Judy Whalley and Tommy Shaw

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1962

BBC Pantomime - “Pantomania - Babes in the Wood” (1957)

Starring:- Eamonn Andrews, Derek Bond, Kenneth Connor, Sam Costa, Peter Dimmock, Charlie Drake, Tony Hancock, Benny Hill, Sid James, Cliff Michelmore, Jean Metcalfe, Derek Hart, Bill Maynard, Jack Payne, Sylvia Peters, Ted Ray, Huw Weldon and Peter Haigh.

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1957

BBC Pantomime - “Pantomania” or “Dick Whittington” by Eric Sykes (1956)

Starring:- Jean Kent, Sylvia Peters, Frankie Howerd, Hattie Jacques, Billy Cotton, Spike Milligan, Fred Emney and David Attenborough

Broadcast on BBC1 - 25th December 1956

Live Pantomime Excerpt- Jack and Jill (1952)

On Christmas Eve television mobile cameras will be at the London Casino for a 45 minute excerpt from Emile Littler’s “Jack and Jill”. Charlie Chester and Michael Bentine will be making their pantomime debut as Cheerful Charlie and the Crooked Man Twist. Jack will be played by Hy Hazell and Dame Horner by Tommy Jover.

Other artists in this production are Harry Welchman as the King, Carol Decy as Jill, Jacqueline St.Clere as the Fairy, and Moyra Fraser as the Wicked Witch. The singing comedians, Kirby and Hayes, have been cast as Johnny Stout and Willie Green.

The cast also includes several Continental speciality acts, notably the Baronas, a musical comedy act from Belgium, the Trio Gypsy, an adagio act from France, and the Edourdinis, a troupe of migit acrobatic comedians from Spain. The décor is by Berkeley Sutcliffe. The excerpt from “Jack and Jill” will be introduced by Brian Johnston.

Broadcast Date - 24th December 1952

Live Pantomime Excerpt- Dick Whittington (1952)

On Sunday, December 28th, the first television show ever to be seen direct from the stage of the London Palladium will take place when, before an invited audience, a 45 minute excerpt from Val Parnell’s “Dick Whittington” will be seen on TV screens all over Britain.

The cast includes Vanessa Lee, Lois Green, Frankie Howerd, Sonnie Hale, and, of special interest to viewers, Richard Hearne in the guise of “Mr Pastry” as the mate.

Broadcast Date - 28th December 1952

BBC Pantomime - Dick Whittington (1932)

With:- Ann Maitland as Dick / Fred Douglas as the Cat / Betty Astell as Alice

Broadcast Date - Unknown


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