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BBC Birmingham Interview
with Martin Boyden

BBC Radio Nottingham January 1998

What's Wrong With Ugly - BBC Radio 4

Written By Barry Cryer, additional material by Bill Solly, Musical arranger Brian Ashe, Music by Ian Cameron Quartet

Featuring Danny La Rue, Toni Palmer, Jenny Logan, Mary Preston, Valerie Walsh, David Ellen and George Giles.

Devised and Produced by Danny La Rue.


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Post Office Campaign 2003

As well as leaflets and life-size cut outs in all post offices, Nigel and Peter also took part in a Radio Advert for the Post Office Christmas Campaign in 2003.



Dorothy Ward talks about pantomime



This clip has been supplied by David Hartshorn


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More information on Dorothy Ward

Dorothy Ward - I'm Going Back to L'il Old London


This clip has been supplied by David Hartshorn

Clarice Mayne and 'That' (James W Tate)

CLIP 1 - I Was A Good Little Girl, 'Till I Met You (1912)

CLIP 2 - Mr and Mrs Smith (1911)


More information on Clarice Mayne & James Tate contained within

Impresarios - Wylie & Tate

Jay Laurier

CLIP - And It Was (1919)

Jay Laurier (1879-1969) specialised in playing “fatuous innocents”, and had a hit with his song “I’m always doing something silly”. Like George Robey, he too eventually went into “legitimate” theatre, appearing in Shakespearean productions at the Theatre Royal Stratford in 1938 and again in 1939.

Ella Retford


CLIP - Ship Ahoy (1910)

Ella Retford(1886-1962) first appeared as a dancer in 1900, and became popular in revue and pantomime, making hits from songs like “Take me on the flip-flap”, and “Under the Honey Moon Tree”. She continued to play in pantomime until 1949 and died in 1962 aged seventy-six.

Billy Merson

CLIP - The Spaniard Who Blighted My Life (1917)

Billy Merson (1881-1947) a versatile comedian, who first appeared as an acrobat and clown, coming to London in 1905 as “Ping Pong” and became a comedian at “The Oxford” Music Hall in 1909 singing “The Spaniard Who Blighted My Life”. He performed in revue at the London Hippodrome in 1913, scored a further hit with “On The Good Ship Yacki Hicki Doo La” in 1917. He died in 1947 aged sixty-six.

Nellie Wallace

CLIP - Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue (1920)

Nelly Wallace (1870-1948) “The Essence of Eccentricity” appeared after a juvenile career as a solo “turn” in 1903, establishing her own brand of comedy. She was one of the first “female Dames” in pantomime, scoring huge successes with songs like “My Mother said, Always look under the bed” (and to her great sorrow, there was never anyone there..) “Three cheers For the red, white and Blue”, and “I was born on a Friday”.

George Robey

CLIP - Archibald - Certainly Not! (1920)

More information on George Robey


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