Pantomime Stars



Britt Ekland

Brian Conley

Allan Stewart

Gary Wilmot

Claire Sweeney

Jeffrey Holland

   Linda Lusardi

Don Maclean

Jill Halfpenny

Clive Webb and Danny Adams

Nigel Ellacott

Lesley Joseph

Sam Kane

Andrew Ryan

Darren Johnson

Su Pollard

Peter John

Charles Burden

Ronné Coyles

Simon Bashford

Keith 'Appy' Hopkins

Peter Thorne

Isobel Hurll

Royce Mills

Berwick Kaler

Tudor Davies

Don Maclean and Joe Pasquale


Steve Arnott

Jonathan Owen

Douglas Mounce

Damian Williams

Eric Potts

Gerard Kelly and Elaine C Smith

Bernard Latham

Darren Day

Jimmy Cricket

Linda Robson

Mark Wingett

Paul Shane

Richard Grieve

Julian Clary

Ian Good

Steve Barclay

Mark Siney

Phil Holden and Jack Edwards

Sean Needham

Jody Crossier

Cannon and Ball

Malcolm Lord

Paul Burnham

Kevin Johns

Nick Wilton

David Phipps-Davis and Antony Stuart-Hicks

Martin Ballard

Jonathan Owen and

Bernie Clifton

Jimmy Cricket

Ian Adams

David Robbins

and Martin Ramsdin

Steve Spence

Christopher Biggins

Fogwell Flax

Gillian Taylforth

Kathryn Rooney

Leslie Grantham

Peter Piper

Polly Parsons

Sid Owen

Graham Hoadly

Paul Tate

Jack Edwards

Lynette McMorrough

Craig Glover

Chris Hayward

Martin Clark

Michael Fordred and Paul Critchlow


Paul Morse

Stephen Sorby

Sophie Lawrence

Sandra Dickinson

David Rumelle

Jodie Jackson

The Krankies and Brian Godfrey

James Horne

Dominic Littlewood

Tommi Baxter-Hill

Gareth Wilde

Sean Luckham

Joe Pasquale

Jane Tucker

Graham MacGregor

Michael J Batchelor & Ian Smith

Chris Fountain

Gray O'Brien

Simon Bashford and Robert Rawles

Jane Asher

Anthea Turner

Joanna Page

Kara Tointon

Mickey Rooney

Natasha Hamilton

Keith Harris and Orville

Nigel Havers

Brad Fitt

Ian Mowat

John Carter and Donald McBride

Danny Mills

Jamie Morris & Tarot Joseph

David Hasselhoff

Sam Rabone

Arron Usher

Chris Till

Jeffrey Longmore

Antony Stuart-Hicks

Bobby Crush

Craig Revel Horwood

Louis Spence

The Hoff

Shane Richie

Anita Dobson

Barbara Windsor

Bonnie Langford

Jessie Wallace

Lee Redwood


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