Panto Bills and Posters

Emile Littler's 'Humpty Dumpty' at the London Casino, 1948

The Pantomime starred Vic Oliver, Richard Hearne (Television's 'Mr Pastry' as he was to be known), and possibly the finest Principal Boy of the time, Pat Kirkwood. It is interesting to see the 13 year old Julie Andrews, now Dame Julie, playing the titular role. The songsheet was 'I Want a Proper Cup of Coffee', delivered at full belt by Pat Kirkwood.

Those uninitiated in the ways of Pantomime might wonder what, or who the 'Wuffem-Poof' is. A 'Wuffem or Wuffem Poof' is a panto gag involving running lengths of feather, or marabou feather, rather like a thin boa around the set, using holes drilled into the scenery, and a stage crew pulling wires, giving the illusion of a furry flash of 'Wuffem Poof' appearing here, there and everywhere, as the children shout 'It's Behind You!'

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