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"Cinderella" at The Troxy, Commercial Road, Stepney. Part of Gaumont Cinemas Ltd.

This production stars JEAN KENT as Prince Charming, and dates from 1948. Jean Kent, the British film and stage star played Prince, and was possibly under contract to Gaumont films at the time. The production was presented by DEREK ROY, who played Buttons. Roy was a highly popular variety and radio star. Also in the production are Bart Allison and Bobby Kimber as the Ugly Sisters. Under "Specialities" Bobby Kimber would presumably have performed his ventriloquist spot, for which he was well known. It is interesting to note the Pantomime was written by Dan Leno, Jnr. The production boasted five singing chorus, 24 dancing young ladies and Beam's Twelve Breezy Babes!

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