Nipper Lupino Lane  & Harry Lupino

The Prince’s Theatre Bristol

Jack & Jill 1907-08


The Lupino Family were one of the longest surviving theatrical dynasties in Europe, establishing themselves in pantomime from it’s very beginnings in Britain. George Estcourt Lupino (1710-1787) performed for John Rich, and his son Thomas Frederick Lupino (1749-1845) worked on scenery at Covent Garden, as did his son in turn.


Another Lupino was a pupil of Joseph Grimaldi, and members of the Lupino family often played Clown in Harlequinade. In 1887 six members of the family appeared together in Newcastle, and in 1940 a further Five  at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham in 1940.


George Hook Lupino (1820-1902) became famous in the role of Harlequin, while his son, George Lupino (1853-1932) performed in the Drury Lane pantomimes of the 1890’s with Dan Leno.


George Lupino’s brother,Arthur Lupino (1864-1908) created the role of “Nana” in Peter Pan in 1904, while their other brother, Henry Charles Lupino “Harry” (1865-1925) married into the Lane family.


George’s son,Barry Lupino (1882-1962) wrote and appeared in pantomimes, most notably as Dame, and his brother Stanley Lupino (1893-1942) starred in the Arthur Collins pantomimes at Drury Lane. He was later to appear in Hollywood films, and his daughter Ida Lupino became a major Hollywood star and director.


The above photograph shows Henry “Harry” Lupino in  a bear costume, alongside his son Master “Nipper” Lupino Lane in “Jack and Jill”. They performed alongside Lily Morris at the Prince’s Theatre, Bristol in 1907.


Lupino Lane (he took his name from his Great Aunt Sara Lane- she held the lease of the Brittania Theatre, Hoxton) began his career in pantomime and Music Hall as Master Nipper Lupino Lane (his stage name shortened from Henry George Lupino) and created the role of Bill in “Me and My Girl” in 1937 in which he created the “Lambeth Walk”.


In turn his son was Lauri Lupino Lane who appeared in many variety theatres, in pantomimes and in films.

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