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Sindbad The Sailor - 1886

starring Vesta Tilley

Sindbad the Sailor at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Liverpool. 1886-87
Vesta Tilley, the highest paid Music Hall star, later to become Lady DeFrece, appeared as Sindbad (spelled with a "D" in those days) in Mrs. Saker's Queen's Jubilee pantomime.

Queen Victoria had been on the throne for fifty years by 1886, and the  Jubilee, camp and bivouac scenes illustrated a "Grand Military Spectacle"- "such as has never previously been attempted in Liverpool" and a "Reception of Nations".

Also appearing with Vesta Tilley were Arthur Ricketts (as "Slimbad the Tailor") and several of the Lupino family. Some terrible Victorian puns abound in the programme: "Scum, Surf, Foam and Spray"- "Ill-treated sprites, but then it surfs them right!" and of Sindbad: "A youth in whom hopes are in Vesta (d) Till he leaves us!"

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