Panto Bills and Posters

Cooke's Pantomime Pictorials - Circa 1909


Alf Cooke, Ltd of Leeds produced a brochure of “Pantomime Pictorials”. This was a catalogue of blank Pantomime print that could be ordered by producers and theatre managers to publicise their forthcoming attractions.


Cooke’s “Pictorials” represented designs by artists such as Will True, Mabel Lucy Attwell and Albert Morrow at this time.


The company John Waddington of Leeds also features in these “Pictorials”.


The illustrated prints could be ordered from their offices in  Leeds and London as posters (double crown 6 sheet, 12 sheet or 18 sheet) as circulars (or handbills as we now call them), as postcards, Streamer letters, day bills, borders and Toy books- “Entirely new designs this year. A fine advertising medium)


The prices varied depending on the amount or the number of colours required: Black and white postcards were 8 shillings and six pence (approx 43pence today) for 1,000, or in colour 15 shillings and six pence (78pence approx ) for 1,000.


Most of the illustrations in this catalogue are by the artist Will True.



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