The Principal Girl

Phyllis Dare as CinderellaThe Principal Girl in Pantomime can often be the title role, as in the case of Cinderella, Snow White or Goldilocks, or the subject of the title, as in the case of The Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast.

Many title roles have almost vanished from popular pantomimes over the past thirty or forty years. Seldom performed titles include 'Goody Two Shoes', 'Little Red Riding Hood', and 'Jack and Jill'. Possibly the mostAlice Fitzwarren (Unknown Actress) enduring and sought after role for a Principal Girl is that of 'Cinderella'.

Famous Principal Girls of Pantomime have included Phyllis Dare, and her sister Zena, Ellaline Terris, Jose Collins and Clarice Mayne in the pre first world war period, followed by such names as Gwladys Stanley, wife of Francis Laidler, pantomime entrepreneur, Mona Vivian, and in latter years Betty Astell, wife of Pantomime Dame Cyril Fletcher, Yana up to today's 'Girls' played by Lynsey De-Paul, Dana, Loraine Chase and Patsy Palmer.

As long as every Pantomime ends with a wedding, the role of Principal Girl will continue to add the glamour and charm to the story.

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