Jeffrey Holland

Almost 40 Years in Pantomime - Oh Yes He Has!!


This year marks the thirty-ninth year in pantomime for Jeffrey Holland, since his first role as Genie Of The Ring at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry in 1968.


Jeffrey is currently touring with his wife Judy Buxton in 'Its Never Too Late', playing Peter Bridges, with Judy as his wife Linda. Joining them on tour is Joanna Van Gyseghem. For the panto season this year he will be appearing at the Birmingham Hippodrome in Dick Whittington with Joan Collins, Julian Clary, Nigel Havers and Keith Harris and Orville.


On Sunday March 7th The Heritage Foundation honoured Jeffrey with a Tribute Luncheon at the Marriott Hotel in Regents Park to celebrate. Among those attending and speaking were the 'Hi De Hi' creators Jimmy Perry and David Croft, Barry Howard, Nikki Kelly, Vicki Michelle, Su Pollard and many of Jeff's fellow 'Maplins' campers!


Jeffrey has recently finished appearing in 'Talent', written by, and directed by Victoria Wood. It transferred from the Old Laundry Theatre in Bowness to London's Menier Chocolate Factory for a season.


Jeffrey's volume of work is enormous- from repertory, tours, Shakespeare and pantomime, it has included appearances in 'Crossroads', The Russ Abbott Shows on both Television and Radio, 'Are You Being Served', 'Dad's Army' and 'It Aint Half Hot Mum' before joining the long running series of 'Hi De Hi', 'You Rang M'Lord' and 'Oh! Dr. Beeching' on BBC.


For full information on all things Holland, visit Jeffrey's Official Website


Here at IBY we celebrate Jeffrey Holland in Pantomime. If you want to read a fuller picture of over forty glorious years of Pantomime, TV, Theatre and Radio then click here.



This year, 2010 marks Jeffrey Holland's 39th Pantomime season, and his twenty third as Pantomime Dame!


1968 Aladdin Belgrade Theatre, Coventry as Genie Of The Ring.

Paul Moriarty played Wishee Washee and Typhoo The Panda was Barbara Flynn!


1969 Pinocchio Belgrade Theatre, Coventry as Mr. Antonio and The Policeman.

Pinocchio was played by Tony Robinson. Margaret Anketell as Fairy, Jeffrey Holland as Circus Policeman, Kevork Malikyan as Clown, Bill Henderson as Gepetto, Walter McMonagle as Fireater, Directed by Warren Jenkins and designed by John Blundell, later to be acknowledged as one of the country's leading experts on puppetry


1970 Dick Whittington Belgrade Theatre, Coventry as Idle Jack.

Roberta D'Esta as Principal Boy, Elizabeth Mansfield as Alice, Gareth Hunt as King Rat, and Jeffrey Holland as Idle Jack. Leo Dolan was Tommy The Cat, with Sheila Ferris as Fairy Silverchime. Richard Borthwick and Paul Becque were Cuttle and Scuttle and Sarah The Cook was played by Raymond Bowers.

A likeable Idle Jack who works hard at his idleness'  (The Stage reporting on Jeffrey, or Jack Holland as hey actually printed!)


1971 Jack & The Beanstalk Belgrade Theatre, Coventry as Simple Simon.

Directed by Roger Redfarn and Designed by Terry Parsons. Joyce Blair played Jack, with Gemma Craven as Jill. Giant Blunderbore was played by two actors- Tony Mathews and Duncan Preston (later of 'Dinner Ladies'). Jeffrey played Simple Simon. Dame Durden was George Moon, with daughter Georgina Moon playing opposite Jeffrey as Jumping Joan.. Cast included Peter Needham, Brian Deacon, Paul Howes, Tony Stafford and Keith Ladd played Daisy The Cow with Paul Beque. Bernice Adams was Fairy Evergreen and Wally Michaels as Demon Pestblight.

'With great ease and facility. He soon had all the children on his side' (The Stage)


1972 Mother Goose Belgrade Theatre, Coventry as Billy Goose

Directed by Roger Redfarn and Designed by Terry Parsons. George Moon played the title role. Jeffrey Holland played opposite Jenny Cryst as Miss Brown. Gemma Craven was Principal Girl with Elizabeth Power as Colin, the hero of the story. Charles West was Demon Discontent and The Fairy Tranquilheart was played by Pamela Beesley. Michael Stroud and Michael Mennaugh played Broker's men Willy and Nilly with Brendan Barry's Squire. Alita Petroff played Priscilla The Goose in 1972. (The next time the Belgrade presented this subject the goose was played by an actor called Nigel Ellacott!). Also in the cast were Stephen Weldon, Richard Ruck,  Sherryl Condon, Jane Mann, Christine Parkinson, Tina Christy, Sharon Kemp Angela Boulton ,and June Leedham.


1973 Babes In The Wood Belgrade Theatre, Coventry as Muddles

Directed by Michael Ashton and designed by Martin Johns. Victor Spinetti appeared as Dame- Brittania Bloggs, the nursemaid, with Jeffrey Holland as Muddles. Petra Siniawski (who also Choreographed) played Polly Flinders. Angela Easterling was Robin Hood, Jane Cussons played Maid Marion. Leon Eagles played the wicked Baron, Knight Mantell (Demon), Sheila Ferris (Fairy), Linal Haft (''Orrible Herbert') and William Huw Thomas ('Frightful Fred')  were the Robbers. The cast also included: Stuart Cox, and Clare Andrews as the Babes, with Jill Collier also playing alternate 'Babe', and  Bonny Anderson, Karin Bates, Angela Boulton, Sherryl Condon, Judith Hedges, Terri Maker, Jane Mann, Christine Parkinson, Julie Poynton, and Giancarla Pflger.


'Mr Holland has the happy knack of making you enjoy yourself by the simple activity of watching him enjoy himself' (The Stage)


On the other side of town that year the large Coventry Theatre presented a Bernard Delfont production 'Dick Whittington', starring Dick Emery and his wife Josephine Blake with Bill Pertwee.


1974 Mother Goose Richmond Theatre, London as Mr Beerbarrell and The King.

This pantomime, directed by Roger Redfarn presented some of the Belgrade Coventry's favourite actors- Jeffrey Holland, Joyce Blair (Colin), Gemma Craven (Jill)  and teamed them up with the star Dame, Terry Scott, as Mother Goose with Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart and legendary Pantomime Goose Kay Lyell. The  Squire was played by Desmond Walter Ellis with Mary Ashton as Fairy Happiness and superb villain Robert Aldous as The Demon. The Bailifs were played by Peter Greene and Ian Lindsay, and Jeffrey Holland '“'playing three different parts, with versatility, was just right'. (The Stage).


1975    Dad's Army at the Shaftesbury Theatre London No Pantomime that year


1976 Pinocchio Theatre Royal, Brighton as Policeman and replaced another actor as Mr Antonio, the carpenter- Upon entering in the new role Clive Dunn  remarked 'I knew you when you were a policeman!'

This Triumph production, directed by Tudor Davies starred Clive Dunn as Gepetto, with Ray C. Davis, Robert Aldous, Ian Burford, Ian Lindsay, Neil McCaul and Anne Wennsack.


1977 Aladdin  Alexandra Birmingham as Genie Of The Lamp

This was a Triumph Pantomime that I saw and thought was one of the all time great 'Triumph' shows. It starred Barbara Windsor as Aladdin in a role that was made for her. The finest Villain of all time, Alfred Marks played Abanazar with Ronnie Hilton as Wishee Washee. Terry Scott was Widow Twankey and Jeffrey Holland was The Genie Of The Lamp in this show that featured David Davenport, Dave Atkins, and Nita Gavin, directed by Roger Redfarn. It ran until February 25th 1978.    


1978    No Pantomime this year by choice


1979 Robinson Crusoe Alexandra Birmingham as Billy Crusoe.

Jeffrey Holland was cast by Roger Redfarn as Jack Boot and to understudy  Frankie Howerd who played Billy Crusoe. The Pantomime starred: Frankie Howerd, Anita Harris, Bernard Bresslaw, Tommy Trinder and Jack Tripp as Dame. Dawson Chance was the speciality with Allan Christie, Tricia Deighton, and Vincent Osbourne. The designer, as ever, was Terry Parsons.

Jeffrey recalls: ' I was Frankie Howerd's understudy and played Jack Boot, a pirate and another small part and during the first snowfall of that season Frankie slipped on the ice and fractured a hip so was forced to leave the show.


 I was late that night for the half as my train from my Mums in Walsall was held up by frozen points and there were no mobile phones in 79. I arrived 15 minutes late to be met at the stage  door by a white-faced Michael Bullock who said "You're on for  Frankie! Didn't you know?" Well of course I didn't but they had  phoned my mum who said I had left ages ago! Chaos ensued and I somehow made it to the stage and got through the first act and they cut most of the second act as it was mostly spesh. I had to come in and rehearse that the following day! Anita Harris  went up to top of the bill, Bernie Bresslaw and Tommy Trinder were  also promoted! I was as happy as Larry playing comic again for a little more money too! '

1980 Dick Whittington Alexandra Birmingham as King Rat.

Cast: Ken Dodd as Idle Jack, Wyn Calvin as Sarah The Cook, Sally Smith as Dick Whittington, Billy Whitaker as Alderman, and the Simmons Brothers as Captain and Mate. Wendy Taylor played Alice and Sybie Jones was the Fairy Of The Bells. A Triumph Theatre Production, it was directed by Roger Redfarn.


This panto saw Jeffrey Holland 'who last year successfully took over the lead role from Frankie Howerd when the star was hospitalised early in the run' (The Stage) play the villain, King Rat.


'Hi De Hi' Aired on television on January 1st 1980. The Comedy series set in Maplins Holiday Camp, Crimpton-On-Sea ran for fifty eight episodes over the next eight years.


1981 Babes In The Wood Alexandra Birmingham as Spike The Stupid

with Lena Zavaroni, Paul Squire, Paul Shane (Ted The Terrible), Ruth Madoc, Barry Howard, Leslie Dwyer. A Triumph Productions Pantomime.    


1982 Dick Whittington Bristol Hippodrome as Unable Seaman Spike.

Cast included Terry Scott as Sarah The Cook, Paul Shane as Captain,  Barry Howard as King Rat,  Ruth Madoc as Dick Whittington,, Sally Smith and Dino Shafeek as Sultan Of Morocco. It also featured Len Howe as Alderman, Terry Doogan as Tommy The Cat and Susan Holland as Spirit Of The Bells. A Triumph Apollo Production, directed by Dick Hurran.


1983 Hi De Hi at The Victoria Palace. No Pantomime that year


1984 Babes In The Wood Lewisham Theatre as Spike The Stupid

with Paul Shane as Ted The Terrible (The Good and Bad Robbers), Loraine Chase as Robin Hood, Barry Howard as Nurse, Gareth Marks as Sheriff, Hillie, The Webb Twins and the Mosaics speciality act. Directed by Carole Todd.


'Paul Shane and Jeffrey Holland can hardly fail, and nor do they. In part Jeffrey Holland plays the whole thing as if he believes it, displaying both charm and enthusiasm' (The Stage)


1985 Run For Your Wife Criterion Theatre London. No Pantomime this year.


 as Wishee Washee

1986 Aladdin Pavilion Bournemouth  as Wishee Washee/Genie

with Anita Dobson, Derek Griffiths as Abanazar, Simon Groom, Duncan Goodhew, Anna Dawson, John Boulter, David Morton, Louise English as Princess and Dumarte & Denzar. Peter J Scott as Visier and Jay Worthy as Guard. A Paul Elliott Production.


1987 Aladdin Richmond Theatre as Wishee Washee/Genie

in this Paul Elliott Production with Anita Dobson as Aladdin, Janet Ellis as Princess, Simon Groom and Duncan Goodhew as The Chinese Policemen, Gareth Marks as Abanazar, Anna Dawson as Slave Of The Ring, David Morton as Widow Twankey, John Boulter as The Emperor and Dumarte & Denzer's 'Skeletons Alive!'


On the 29th December 1988 'You Rang M'Lord'  was first seen on television. Jeffrey Holland played Valet James Twelvetrees in 26 episodes over the next four years.


1988 Aladdin Ashcroft Theatre Croydon  as Wishee Washee (and The Genie Of The Lamp!)

with Loraine Chase as Aladdin, Ron Aldridge as Abanazar, The Simmons Brothers as Policemen and Edmund Hockridge as Emperor Of China.



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This season-2010-2011 Jeffrey Holland will play his twenty-second Dame- In his website Jeffrey recalls how this came about:

'Already contracted by E&B Triumph to appear as Muddles in Sleeping Beauty alongside Hinge and Bracket at the Theatre Royal Plymouth, Jeff found himself at a party discussing the show with producer Paul Elliott. Elliott confessed he was finding it difficult to cast a Dame as the actors he had approached felt that the production already had two in the guises of Dame Hilda and Dr Evadne. This idea seemed somewhat ridiculous to Jeff as '˜The Dear Ladies' as they were affectionately known were, to all intents and purposes just that, whereas a panto Dame was always '˜a bloke in a frock'. It was then he heard himself utter those three fateful words 'I'll do it'. The following week a letter arrived with a formal offer to play the role of Nurse and the die was cast.'


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1989 Sleeping Beauty Theatre Royal Plymouth as Nurse Glucose

starring Hinge & Bracket,- Patrick Fyffe and George Logan as Toadflax and Meadowsweet the Good and Bad Fairies, Jeffrey Holland as Nurse Glucose, Bernard Bresslaw as Lord Chamberlain, Bobby Crush as Prince Florizel, Peter Goodwright as Muddles and Gemma Page as Princess Aurora. The script by Roy Hudd it was directed by Roger Redfarn.


1990 Aladdin Theatre Royal Bath as Widow Twankey.

This Paul Elliott production featured Tom O' Connor as Wishee Washee,  Rosemary Ford as Slave Of The Ring, Roland Rat, Leon Green as Abanazar, Jilli Foot as Aladdin, Jenny Walker as Princess, and Nigel Stephenson as Emperor. The Chinese Policemen were Bill Bellamy and Richard Gauntlett. It was directed by Peter Purves.


1991 Aladdin New Theatre Cardiff as Widow Twankey

Cast: Victor Spinetti, Rosemary Ford, Mike Doyle, Vicki Michelle, Katy Budd, Dumarte & Denzar's 'Skeletons Alive!',  Barry Clark as Emperor Of China, Peter J Scott and The Halfwits. Directed by Hugh Wooldridge.


1992 Aladdin Lyceum Theatre Sheffield  as Widow Twankey.

Cast included Vicki Michelle as Genie, Kevin Lloyd as Abanazar, Mike Doyle as Wishy Washee, Rosemary Ford as Aladdin, Katie Budd as Princess, The Acromaniacs and Peter J Scott's 'Skeletons Alive' (Formerly Dumarte & Denzer). It was directed by Hugh Wooldridge.


1993 Dick Whittington Hippodrome Birmingham as Sarah The Cook.

This pantomime had a star studded cast presented by Paul Elliott and Peter Tod headed by Lesley Joseph, John Nettles, Ross King, Vince Hill, Rosemary Ford, From 'Gladiators'- Wolf, Wayne Sleep (as Dick's talking cat) Katy Budd, The Simmons Brothers, James Horne, Basil Soper and The Ben Karim Troupe. It was directed by Carole Todd.


This was the beginning of a company that remained with this hugely successful production for the next seven/eight years in the main, with guest artistes making appearances over the following years.


1994 Dick Whittington Mayflower Theatre Southampton as Sarah The Cook.

Cast: Lesley Joseph, John Nettles, Windsor Davies, Rosemary Ford, Kriss Akabusi, Katy Budd with Billy Burke as Tommy The Cat and the Ben Karim Troupe.


1995 Dick Whittington Victoria Theatre Woking as Sarah The Cook.

Presented by Paul Elliott with Lesley Joseph, Windsor Davies, Robert Duncan, Rosemary Ford, Kriss Akabusi, Katy Budd, Nicholas Pound and the Ben Karim Troupe.


1996 Dick Whittington Theatre Royal, Plymouth as Sarah The Cook.

Cast: Lesley Joseph, John Nettles, Nicholas Parsons, Katy Budd, Maria Rice-Mundy and Nigel Garton.


'Oh! Dr.Beeching', set in Hatley Station in the 1960's was first seen on television on BBC1. It ran for two series until the end of 1997


1997 Dick Whittington Wimbledon Theatre as Sarah The Cook.

Cast: Lesley Joseph, Bill Pertwee, John Nettles, Katie Budd, Maria Rice-Mundy, Kevin Finch with David Chamberlain as Tommy The Cat. As usual this production featured The Ben Karim Troupe.


1998 Dick Whittington Theatre Royal Nottingham as Sarah The Cook.

Cast included Lesley Joseph, John Nettles, Hilary Minster (as Alderman), Katie Budd, Maria Rice-Mundy and Nigel Garton as Tommy The Cat.


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1999 Jack & The Beanstalk Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton as Dame Trott

Produced by E&B for Qdos, and directed by Lisa Kent. A Record Breaking Pantomime that ran until the end of February. During that time the show played to 108,000 people over 114 performances for ten and a half weeks! Jeffrey Holland as Dame Trott, the cast included  Jesse Spencer, John Nettles, Tony Adams, Sophie Joyce, Judy Buxton, Clive Webb & Danny Adams, and Otis The Aardvark.


'Jeffrey Holland kept the show going with total command of both stage and audience' (The Stage)


2000 Dick Whittington Theatre Royal Newcastle as Sarah The Cook.

Cast included Lesley Joseph as Fairy Bowbells, John Nettles as Fleshcreep, The Simmons Brothers (Alan and Keith) as Captain Birdseye and Findus,


2001 Jack & The Beanstalk Theatre Royal, Newcastle as Dame Trott

the cast including Denise Welch as Jack, Norman Bowler as Fleshcreep, Judy Buxton as Fairy Courgette, Fogwell Flax as Simple Simon, with Chris McGlade and Deborah Winn.  


2002 Dick Whittington Milton Keynes Theatre as Sarah The Cook

Cast: Gary Wilmot as Dick, Jennifer James as Alice, Roland Rat as King Rat, Tony Kemp as Alderman, Trevor Marshall as Captain, Mark Willshire as Tommy The Cat and Caroline Deverill as Spirit Of The Bells. The panto directed by Tudor Davies.


2003 Dick Whittington Theatre Royal Plymouth as Sarah The Cook.

Cast included Gary Wilmot, John Challis, Judy Buxton and Casey Lee Jolleys. 


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2004 Dick Whittington Opera House Manchester as Sarah The Cook

For Qdos. The Pantomime featured The Chuckle Brothers, Helen Noble and Judy Buxton


2005 Aladdin Queens Theatre, Barnstaple directed for 'Hiss & Boo' Productions and played Widow Twankey

Cast included Robert Duncan, Judy Buxton, Butler & Brown, Alan Bowles, Terence Frisch, Carol Carey and Pippa Duffy.


2006 Dick Whittington Truro Hall for Cornwall: as Sarah The Cook, and directed for 'Hiss And Boo'

with  Judy Buxton, Tweedy and Alexis, Greg Gillespie, Pippa Duffy and Dee Tails.

2006/7 Cast



2007 Jack & The Beanstalk Derby Assembly Rooms: As Dame Trott

Paul Holman Associates with Antonio Fargas, Lisa Scott-Lee, Judy Buxton, Johnny Shentall and Simmons and Simmons.


2008 Jack & The Beanstalk Palace Theatre Newark: as Dame Trott

with Tony Scannell as Fleshcreep, Chris Park as Jack, Judy Buxton as Fairy, Ian Jones as Simple Simon, Peter Jamieson as King with Hannah Spicer as Princess. It also featured Graham Ray and Phil Price, and was directed by Mark Piper.


2009 Jack & The Beanstalk Redditch Palace Theatre as Dame Trott

with Jake Maskall as Fleshcreep, Judy Buxton as Fairy Organic, Ian Jones as Simple Simon, Andy Steed as Jack , also Peter Jamieson as King and Abigail Denver as Princess.


2010 Dick Whittington Birmingham Hippodrome as Sarah The Cook for Qdos Pantomimes

with Joan Collins, Julian Clary, Nigel Havers, Keith Harris & Orville




Jeffrey's career has encompassed Shakespeare,-Richard II, As You Like It and Henry V, appearances in  thriller and farce as well as staged musicals of his television successes- including 'Dad's Army' on stage at the Shaftesbury Theatre, 'Hi De Hi' The Musical staged in London's West End and in Summer Season in Blackpool and Bournemouth. He has made several Royal Command Appearances, hosted Radio shows and continuously appeared as one of Russ Abbott's regulars on both Radio2 and Television. He has appeared in Edinburgh Festivals, Chichester Festivals and in Farces in Israel and aboard major cruise liners, more often than not with his wife and 'soul Mate', Judy Buxton.

Here are just some of the highlights of Jeffrey's Forty Three years '“ to date- in Theatre.


1967    Jeffrey Holland's Theatrical Debut- A play called 'No Fear Or Favour' at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.


1968    Jeffrey's Pantomime debut as Slave of The Ring in the Belgrade Theatre Coventry's production of 'Aladdin'. Jeffrey remained with the Belgrade Rep Company for the next four and a half years.


1969 The Ghost Train. Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. 'Arts Council student Terry Parsons excels himself with a station waiting room which in fact makes the biggest single contribution to the shows success'


Belgrade March 1969 'The Secret Of The Sun'. T.I.E  Jeffrey Holland played 'Black Wolf'.


Belgrade Studio 'George The Mad Ad Man', Jeffrey Holland, Barbara Flynn and Sue Birtwhistle. Also Lunchtime Concert with Terence Hillyear and Frances Colyer.


Dec 1969 Belgrade: 'Pinocchio'.


1970 Belgrade 'Dirty Work At The Crossroads' a melodrama designed by Terry Parsons. Jeffrey played Mookie Magaguggins ' an infectious and amiable village simpleton'


'The Unholy Trinity' June 1970 Belgrade. A historical drama with Gareth Hunt as Henry VIII, Garfield Morgan as Cranmer, Christopher Scoular, Carmen Silvera as Queen Mary and Jeffrey Holland as Henry Cole. Directed by Roger Redfarn.


Psychological Warfare at The Belgrade Studio.


'The Doctor and The Devils' with Richard Borthwick,as Burke,  Ray Callaghan as Hare,, Carmen Silvera as Nelly, Christopher Scoular and Vanessa Forsyth. Gareth Hunt played Dr.Knox and Jeffrey Holland played several roles including Dr Barclay, the carpenter and The Lord Chief Justice.


1970-71 Dick Whittington at the Belgrade:


1971 on tour with the Belgrade- 'Confrontation' and 'The Man Most Likely To' at Norwich and the Roundhouse in London. In Confrontation Jeffrey Played Paul /Paulus in a cast that included the Belgrade regulars Richard Borthwick, Gareth Hunt, Christopher Scoular, Margaretta Scott and Paul Massie.


1971-72 Belgrade 'Jack & The Beanstalk


1972 Belgrade Theatre at Wimbledon: The Rivals starring Peggy Mount as Mrs Malaprop, Colin Farrell as Faulkland, Tamara Ustinov as Julia, with Amanda Reiss, Richard Leech, David Sumner, Michael Malnik, and Brian Deacon. Jeffrey Holland played Bob Acres.

August: Rep season at the Belgrade opened with: 'A Flea In Her Ear'. The company included Linda Thorson (of 'Avengers Fame'), Gareth Hunt,  Peter Needham, Richard Ruck, David Firth, Jenny Cryst, Jill Mears, Michael Stroud, Leo Dolan, Eleanor Hartopp, Jeffrey Holland , Gertan Klouber and John Warner. Stage reported 'Jeffrey Holland plays his most assured part to date as Camille Chanderbise'.


1972-73 Pantomime: Mother Goose.


1973-74 Pantomime: The Belgrade Coventry 'Babes In The Wood'.


1974 November 1974: Billingham Forum Theatre for The Belgrade: 'Underground' a thriller by Michael Sloan. The rep company of Carmen Silvera, Gemma Craven, Jeffrey Holland, Derek Murcott, Gareth Forwood, Pat Hassel, Victor Winding, David Webb, John Turner, Lloyd McGuire and David Henry.


Pantomime 1974-75: Richmond London: 'Mother Goose'.


1978 1978 Edinburgh Festival: The Tempest, at the Assembly Hall. Alan Dobie as Prospero, Adam Bareham as Ariel and Janet Maw as Miranda. Richard Easton played Caliban Jack Galloway Ferdinand and Jeffrey Holland played Stephano to Colin Farrell's Trinculo.


1978 November: The Belgrade's company on tour in 'Murder In A Bad Light' at Guildford. Directed by Roger Redfarn the cast included Terry Scott, Derek Godfrey, Linda Thorson, Heather Chasen, Anthony Sharp, Jeffrey Holland and David Howey. The designer was Terry Parsons.


1979 This production also played Nottingham Playhouse in March 1979 with a revised cast- this time around Terry Scott was joined by Dilys Laye, John Bird, Judith Arthy and Jeffrey Holland played opposite Barry Howard-  This was Jeffrey's first time working with his future 'Hi-Di-Hi' Co-star.


1979: 'Calamity Jane'- Billingham Forum. This touring production starring Barbara Windsor, Norman Vaughan and Eric Flynn for Triumph productions was hit by a bout of German Measles. Jeffrey Holland stepped in at a moment's notice and played the role of Henry Miller for two weeks when Dudley Owen was taken ill.


Pantomime 1979-80: The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham. 'Robinson Crusoe'


1980 Hi De Hi aired 1st January 1980 on BBC 1.

The new Jimmy Perry and David Croft comedy 'Hi Di Hi' went into production. Location work took place at Warners Holiday Camp in Harwich. The show was set in 1959 , in Maplins Holiday Camp, Crimpton-On-Sea. Described by David Croft as 'a distant and highly sophisticated image of life in a holiday camp. 'The shows stars were Paul Shane as Ted Bovis, Ruth Madoc, as Gladys Pugh, Jeffrey Holland as Spike Dixon, Ted's eager apprentice,  Simon Cadell as Jeffrey Fairbrother, and Su Pollard as Peggy the Chalet Maid. Barry Howard partnered Diane Holland as Barry and Yvonne Start-Hargreaves, with Leslie Dwyer as Mr Partridge, Felix Bowness as disgraced jockey Fred Quilly, and Nicki Kelly, Linda Regan and The Webb Twins in Yellowcoat Garb.



Later on David Griffin took on the role of director as Clive Dempster, with Kenneth Connor appearing as Uncle Sammy. Ben Aris replaced Barry Howard to partner Yvonne in the dancing classes. The series was mainly shot at Dovercourt in Essex, scene of many a 'Hi De Hi' reunion.


There is a very good and comprehensive Hi De Hi website - with further images and information.


Pantomime 1980-81: The Alexandra Theatre Birmingham. 'Dick Whittington'.


1981 The Summer Season of 1981 saw Jeffrey in Weymouth, at the Pavilion Theatre appearing in 'Give Us A Crew' as Denys with Lionel Blair, who appeared as Philip, Ruth Madoc as Valerie, Mandy Perriment as Mercy, Jenny Lee Wright, Donna Scarff ,Peter Sands and Mathew Aldridge as Juan. The comedy was written and directed by Michael Pertwee. The comedy, set on board a Mediterranean cruise, ran for twelve weeks.

During 1981 Jeffrey became a regular member of LWT's 'Russ Abbot's Saturday Madhouse', appearing alongside Dustin Gee, Michael Barrymore, Bella Emberg, Susie Blake and Patti Gold.


1981 Pantomime-Babes In The Wood, at the Alexandra Birmingham. This was to be the first of the 'Hi Di Hi' pantomimes, with Jeffrey and the cast of the Holiday Camp Comedy now famous for their characters.


1982 In 1982 a third series of LWT's 'Russ Abbot's Saturday Madhouse' was made, joining Jeffrey and the company were Sherrie Hewson and  Les Dennis. Les and Dustin were later to team up and play Ugly Sisters in Pantomime.

Summer of 1982 saw Jeffrey rejoining the cast of 'Give Us A Crew' for a thirteen week season at the Pier Theatre, Bournemouth. Directed by Lionel Blair this comedy was originally called 'Sextet', and renamed in honour of Lionel's current TV game show- 'Give Us A Clue'. This year the play starred Lionel Blair, Jeffrey Holland (as Denys) and Ruth Madoc (as Valerie) with Lesley North, Peter Sands, Mandy Perriment (as Mercy) and Mathew Aldridge.


The 1982 pantomime was Dick Whittington at The Bristol Hippodrome.


1983 The Summer of 1983 saw Jeffrey return to Bournemouth, but this time at the Pavilion Theatre in the Musical stage show of 'Hi De Hi', written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, and staged by Tudor Davies. Original musical numbers were written by Charles Miller.

The show starred the 'Hi De Hi' Team of Jeffrey Holland and Paul Shane (as Spike Dixon and Ted Bovis) Simon Cadell, as Jeffrey Fairbrother, Ruth Madoc as Gladys Pugh, Su Pollard as Peggy with Barry Howard and Mandi Martin as Stuart and Yvonne. Felix Bowness recreated his role from the television series, as did the Webb Twins David and Tony appearing as Yellowcoats. Musical numbers included Su Pollard's rendition of Gracie Field's 'Sally', Jeffrey and Paul Shane as Laurel and Hardy, and a fully costumed 'Ugly Bug's Ball'. A guest star was the veteran comedian and pantomime star Ben Warriss (Of Jewel and Warriss). Across the road in the Pier Theatre that season was Mollie Sugden in 'Find The Lady'.


Jeffrey Holland did not appear in pantomime in 1983  due to the Stage Production of :

1983 December: 'Hi De Hi' at The Victoria Palace, London. The show was presented by Duncan C Weldon with Paul Gregg and Lionel Becker for Triumph Productions. The cast same as the Summer Season at Bournemouth., with Marie Lorraine replacing Mandi Martin as Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves. The production also featured Felix Bowness and was directed by Tudor Davies.

The show ran in London through into 1984, and in August it was recreated at Blackpool for the Summer Season.


1984 August 'Hi De Hi' at The Blackpool Opera House.

Staged once again by Tudor Davies, this production was presented by Duncan C Weldon with Paul Gress and Lionel Becker for Apollo and Stoll Moss Theatres. It played the huge 3,000 seater theatre for the Summer Season.

This time Michael Knowles (From 'It '˜Aint Half Hot Mum') played the role of Jeffrey Fairbrother, with Marie Lorraine once again teaming up with Barry Howard. The Cast including Jeffery Holland, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Su Pollard and Ben Warriss were joined by Barry Crane, Joe Black, The Webb Twins (David and Tony) and Yellow Coats Christine Jackman, Diane Neeser, Karen Kent, Liz Stark, Angie Lloyd and Julie Whitehill.


1984- The pantomime at The Lewisham Theatre in Catford London was 'Babes In The Wood.


1985        Criterion Theatre, London: 'Run For Your Wife'.

 Jeffrey Holland joined the West End Company in July as John Smith. The cast starred Geoffrey Hughes, Bernard Bresslaw, Linda Hayden, Paul Darrow, Barry Howard, Seretta Wilson and Owen Teale.


1986  Child's Play. Jeffrey joined this ITV series hosted by Michael Aspell. Among the celebrities appearing were Jane Asher, Brian Cant and Kenneth Williams.


During 1986 Jeffrey toured in the comedy 'Look No Hans' for Mark Furness and Michael Codron. The farce was written by John Chapman and Michael Pertwee, who also directed. Set in a west Berlin Apartment Jeffrey played Fisher opposite John Clegg's Cadwallader. The play featured Katherine New as Heidi and Terri Fender as Monica with Patricia Samuels, Sophie Huggins and Jeremy Bennett. It opened in Dartford Orchard Theatre.


In June of 1986 the pilot of a series created for Jeffrey Holland was filmed. Called 'The Ballad Of Johnny Vanguard', it portrayed an ever optimistic Rock And Roll Singer, played by Jeffrey. The pilot was offered to the ITV network. Produced by Humphrey Barclay the cast list included Lesley Joseph, Nicky Croydon, Pamela Cundell, Diane Hull, Peter Capaldi and Ken Halliwell.


1986 Pantomime 'Aladdin' Bournemouth

1987  Said goodbye to 'Hi De Hi' . The last series was filmed this year, having run for almost eight years, and made stage appearances in the West End, at Bournemouth and at the Blackpool Opera House. It aired the final shows the following year.


In 1987 a Summer Romp called 'The Funny Side'  was aired by Granada TV. It was hosted by DJ Mike Smith and Mick Miller and featured Jeffrey Holland, Barbara Windsor, Melvyn Hayes, Cheryl Baker, Bernie Winters, Linda Lusardi and Katie Rabett in a series of sketches.


1987 Pantomime 'Aladdin' Richmond


1988 Spring:       This was the year that Jeffrey was asked to go into 'When Did You Last See Your Trousers' replacing William Gaunt at The Garrick  theatre, in the West End, only to discover that the show was due to close shortly. Paul Elliott suggested Jeffrey join the 'Run For Your Wife' Company in Canada instead, prior to returning with the play into the West End.


'Run For Your Wife'- McPhereson Theatre Victoria & The Playhouse Vancouver.

Joining Jeffrey in this Canadian production was Brian Murphy, Bill Pertwee, Ron Aldridge, Jan Hunt, Judy Graham and Brian Godfrey. Bernard Bresslaw replaced Bill Pertwee in Vancouver as Porterhouse.


1988- September. Jeffrey rejoined the West End production of Ray Cooney's 'Run For Your Wife' at The Criterion Theatre, alongside Brian Murphy, John Junkin, Lesley Lawton, Linda Hayden, Jilli Foot and John Hughes.


You Rang M'Lord'- The Pilot

Jimmy Perry and David Croft produced a one hour pilot for a potential series, set in 1927. Reuniting some of the 'Hi De Hi' cast, Paul Shane played the Butler Alf Stokes and Jeffrey Holland the Footman, James Twelvetrees.

The plot involved the two characters as World War Two Squaddies who save the life of Captain Teddy Meldrum, played by Michael Knowles. After the war Lord Teddy employs his former rescuers in his stately home. Su Pollard played Alf's daughter, and Bill Pertwee and Michael Knowles were featured in this 'One Hour Sit Com'.


1988 Pantomime 'Aladdin' Croydon


1989 The First Full Series of 'You Rang M'Lord' Was filmed.


1989 The London Palladium. The Queen Mother's Birthday Gala

Jeffrey Holland appeared in a show created for HRH Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother's 90th birthday!. Among the stars appearing that evening were Dame Vera Lyn, Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Sir Richard Attenborough, Sir John Geilgud,  Dame Kiri Te Kinawa, Dulcie Gray, Hayley Mills, Roger Moore and Howard Keel.


1989 Pantomime 'Sleeping Beauty' Plymouth. First Dame Role!


1990 Pantomime 'Aladdin' Theatre Royal Bath


1991- November. ' You Rang M'Lord'

 The series was launched on BBC1. Created by Jimmy Perry and David Croft it starred Jeffrey Holland, Paul Shane and Su Pollard with Donald Hewlett, Michael Knowles, Catherine Rabett, Barbara New, Perry Benson, John Horseley, Mavis Pugh and Susie Brann.

There were twenty six episodes, and the series ran for four years


1991 Pantomime 'Aladdin' New Theatre Cardiff


1992- June 'You Must Be The Husband'. Directed by Brian Hands and Ian Talbot this comedy opened at Wimbledon Theatre, then toured the country with Jeffrey Holland playing Tom, married to Sue Holderness's Alice. Carola Stewart played Barbara and the play featured Barry Linchan and Guy Hemphill.


1992 Pantomime 'Aladdin' Lyceum Sheffield


1993 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Hippodrome Birmingham


1994- April. Windsor Theatre Royal. 'The Gingerbread Lady' Directed by Kenneth Ives, this American play was a vehicle for comedienne and fine actress Marti Caine in the role of Evy Meara, a reformed alchoholic. Jeffrey Holland ironically enough played a character called Jimmy Perry, with Judy Buxton as Toby Landau. The cast included Ingrid Wiseman, Karl Gibbs and Christopher Corcoram.


1994 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Southampton


In 1995 Jeffrey appeared once again at Windsor in Ray Cooney's Farce 'Out Of Order'. Produced by Derek Nimmo, and directed by Lesley Lawton, it featured Jeffrey Holland as George Pigden, Jeremy Child as Richard Willey, and the cast included Judy Buxton, John Hart Dyke, Martin Hillier, Robin Parkinson, Paul McCleary and Carolyn Lyster.


1995 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Woking


1996 'Oh! Dr. Beeching' BBC1

Jeffrey Holland played the starchy Station Master, Cecil Parkin in charge of Hatley Station. This comedy series by  David Croft and Richard Spendlove was set in the 1960's, when smaller stations faced closure all over the country. The 'Hi De Hi' team of Paul Shane and Su Pollard  joined this series that played through to 1997. It ran for two series.


That year Jeffrey took part in Radio 2's 'Wowfabgroovy!' a quiz show with two teams- the Jeff Holland Team and the Toya Wilcox Team. Guests included Wendy Richard, Bernard Cribbins and DJ Johnny Walker.


1996 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Theatre Royal Plymouth


Jeffrey continued to be a regular on 'The Russ Abbot' Show on BBC Radio 2 with Susie Blake and Les Dennis.


1997 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Wimbledon


1998 Bournemouth. Summer Season. Paul Elliott presented 'See How They Run', a revival of the famous Phillip King Farce. This production featured Jeffrey Holland as the Vicar, with Britt Ekland as his wife. Su Pollard played Miss Skillon with Victor Spinetti, Hilary Minster, Tim Marriot, Rachel Clark, Stuart McLean and Nicky Bayley.


1998 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Theatre Royal Nottingham.


1999 Jeffrey made more regular appearances as one of Russ's team in 'Russ Abbot's Madhouse' on Radio 2. The Cast included Susie Blake,

That year Jeffrey and Judy Buxton travelled to Israel to appear in Ray Cooney's 'Run For Your Wife'. This English version ran alongside the Hebrew Version, and the cast also included Lesley Lawton (who also directed), Ron Aldridge, Judy Graham and Barry Gosney.


Previously that year Jeffrey had appeared in 'A Bedful Of Foreigners' at Sonning, appearing with Carry On Star Jacki Piper. Nick Wilton played the Hotel Manager and the cast included Michael Sharvell-Martin, Liz Edmiston and Elizabeth Elvin.


1999 Pantomime 'Jack & The Beanstalk'. Grand Wolverhampton. A Record Breaking Season


2000 Pantomime- 'Dick Whittington', Newcastle.


2001 Radio work included more episodes of 'The Russ Abbot Show' for BBC Radio, appearing with Bella Emberg, Chris Emmett and Susie Aitchenson, and for BBC Radio 2 'Goon Again'- A Tribute to the Goons- Jeffrey Holland as Sellers, Jon Glover as Milligan and Andrew Secombe in a tribute to his Father, Harry.


Ray Cooney's Comedy Company- Afloat! Two of Ray Cooney's farces, 'Run For Your Wife' and 'Funny Money' were performed on board the Luxury P&O Cruise Liners. Jeffrey Holland appeared with Trevor Bannister and Henry McGee.


2001 Pantomime 'Jack & The Beanstalk' Newcastle.


2002 August  'Travels With My Aunt'.  This Nottingham Playhouse Production, directed by Richard Bacon played in Nottingham and the on an extensive UK tour. Jeffrey Holland appeared with Gary Wilmot and Andrew Greenough. Among the touring venues were Cambridge, Coventry, Guildford, Plmouth, Manchester and Brighton.


'The Ghost Train'- An Ian Dickens production, Jeffrey starred as Teddie Deakin in this famous Arnold Ridley Thriller-Comedy. The cast on this nation tour included Henry McGee, Louise Jameson, Christopher Strauli, Margaret Ashcroft, Andrew Ryan, Jo Castleton, Jane Shakespeare, Terry O'Sullivan and David Evans. It was directed by Ian Dickens.


2002 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington'. Milton Keynes Theatre.


2003 'It Runs In The Family'. Ray Cooney's farce on tour with Ian Dickens Productions. Jeffrey appeared with Judy Buxton, as his wife Rosemary Mortimore, along with Geoffrey Davies, Jeremy Todd, David Callister, Sarah Mowat, Katie Evans and Kerry Wooten.


2003 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' Theatre Royal Plymouth


2004 The Mill, Sonning: 'Murder By Misadventure'. Jeffrey appeared as the Police Inspector in this play involving two crime writer who, having fallen out with each other, decide to kill each other! The cast included Martyn Standbridge and Eric Carte.


2004 Pantomime at The Manchester Opera House 'Dick Whittington'


2005 Eastbourne 'Caught In The Net' A seasonal run of the Ray Cooney Farce at the Devonshire Park Theatre. Jeffrey appeared alongside Judy Buxton, Trevor Bannister, Carol Harrison, Julie Buckfield and Terry O'Sullivan.


2005 Pantomime 'Aladdin'. Queen's Theatre Barnstaple


2006 Pantomime 'Dick Whittington' The Hall For Cornwall, Truro


2007 'By Jeeves!'-Jeffrey Holland played the title role in this Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Comedy featuring the troublesome Bertie Wooster, played by Robin Armstrong, and his cronies, kept in check by the ever watchful manservant. It opened at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, and then went on tour. Stephen Carlisle player Harold 'stinker' Pinker, and the cast included Nicholas Colicos, Laura Checkley and Madelaine Joseph.



2007 Pantomime: 'Jack And The Beanstalk' Derby Assembly Rooms.


2008 'Allo Allo'  Jeffrey Holland as Rene Artois in a stage version of the Croft & Perry hit series set in occupied France. From the original show Vicki Michelle played her former role, with Judy Buxton as Michelle Of The Resistance. Directed by James Robert Carson it toured the UK extensively.


That year Jeffrey appeared as The Reverend Humphrey in Ian Dickens touring version of 'See How They Run'. Michael Sharvell-Martin played the Bishop and Frazer Hines was Sergeant Towers.


2008 Pantomime: 'Jack And The Beanstalk' Palace Theatre Newark


2009 'Talent' written and Directed by Victoria Wood at The Menier Chocolate Factory, Southwark and previously at the Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness. Set in 'Bunters' Nightclub, Manchester, This production ran from September 17th to November 14th in London. Jeffrey Holland played George Findlay, and the cast included  Mark Curry, Mark Hadfield, Leanne Rowe, Suzie Toase and Eugene O'Hare.


2009 Pantomime 'Jack And The Beanstalk' Reddich Palace Theatre.


2010 Jeffrey is currently touring in 'Its Never Too Late' for Ian Dickens Productions appearing as Peter Bridges. Judy Buxton plays his wife Lynda. The cast includes Joanna Van Gyseghem.



Sunday March 7thth 2010. Jeffrey is honoured by a Tribute Luncheon on behalf of the Heritage Foundation at the Marriott Hotel, Regents Park, London.


We are very grateful to Jeff and Judy for providing many of the pictures included in this article, and for helping us with additional information.

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