The Chuckle Brothers

Barry and Paul- 'The Chuckle Brothers' combined successful careers in variety, pantomime and television to become the top 'double Act' to appear each year in pantoland.

They come from a 'Showbiz Dynasty'- their Brothers, the 'Patton Brothers' and their Father, Gene Patton was a popular variety star. See also our Patton Brothers article.

The Chuckle Brothers on The Good Old Days

This is a clip of both Paul and Barry, and

Jimmy and Brian Patton performing as The Chuckle Brothers

Gene Patton began as James Patton Elliott- Jimmy Elliott, a whistling comedian and dancer. His wife Amy was a dancer with the Rodney Hudson Troupe. Their family consisted of Jimmy and Brian, Sheila, and Paul and Barry, The family lived in Rotherham, and were constantly on tour.

Whilst principal comic in the Number 10 RAF Gang Show in 1943, Jimmy (Gene Patton) discovered the 19 year old Peter Sellers was in his company- with a great desire to be a drummer in the five piece band. The Gang Show toured India and Burma, covering over 30,000 miles, and during this time Jimmy encouraged the young Sellers to take part in sketches and routines. By the end of the tour Peter Sellers was Gene Patton's feed, as well as performing his own solo impersonation spot!

The eldest brothers formed the 'Patton Brothers' while Paul and Barry later adopted the working names of 'Harman & Elliott' before becoming 'The Harman Brothers' and appearing in Summer Season, Circus and in Pantomime

Barry (24th December 1944 - 5th August 2018) and Paul (born 18th October 1947) began entertaining from a very early age. In the 1980's they underwent another name change, and became 'The Chuckle Brothers' they had already appeared in over a decade of pantomimes as the 'Harmans' before they appeared on bills with their new name.

In 1967 they won 'Opportunity Knocks' on television, and later went on to become 'New Faces' winners in 1974.

In 1983 they appeared on television screens with a canine companion- not the Chucklehounds- that was to come a couple of years later- but with Roger The Dog and Ward Allan, in Ward's BBC 1 series 'The Roger The Dog Show'. Paul & Barry had previously been the 'warm Up' act to Ward Allan's ventriloquism in his stage tour. It was during this tour that a management saw them perform, and the road to 'Chucklevision' via the 'Chucklehounds' began.

In 1985, after appearing at Cardiff in pantomime, they got their break into the world of television appearing as 'The Chucklehounds' on children's TV, and released from the confines of the lovable dog costumes, they followed in their success in 1987 with 'Chucklevision', as popular now as ever with children and- it has to be admitted- adults throughout the country! They have a large student following for their TV and stage tours in the UK. The series is shown throughout the world- The Chuckles brought the skills and routines of pantomime into the living rooms, attracting new audiences with every series.

Following Barry's sad death in 2018, Paul continues to appear in Pantomime. Cinderella (Woking) 2018/19, Snow White (Bradford) 2019/20, Aladdin (Cardiff) 2021/22, Snow White (Milton Keynes) 2022/23 and Peter Pan (Woking) 2023/24.

1968/9 Swansea Grand Theatre - Jack and the Beanstalk

Centre -Wayne Fontana as Jack, with Sian Hopkins as Princess Sylvia. Dame Durden is Trevor Moreton and Roy Lance (right of Sian Hopkins) as Simple Simon.

The cast included Jonathan Prince (King Hearty), Jean & Peter Barbour as Spite & Blunderbore, Sandra Wrennall as Fairy and the Harmon Brothers as Village Policemen AND Daisy the Cow! Paul & Barry can be seen 4th from left and 4th from the right.

The Pantomimes

As 'The Harman Brothers', AKA Paul & Barry Harman AKA Harman & Elliott.

1967-68 Babes In The Wood


Don Ellis's production starring Sandy Powell as Dame, Don Ellis, Paul & Barry Harman as the Robbers with Eddie Read.

Jack & The Beanstalk

Swansea Grand

as Village Policemen and  Jessie The Cow!

With Wayne Fontana, Trevor Moreton and Roy Lance.

On the poster Paul & Barry were billed as 'The HarmOn Brothers' and 'HarmAn Brothers' in the programme.

Directed by John Chilvers.

1970-71 Red Riding Hood City Varieties, Leeds

Paul & Barry as Bob & Pinch. Starring Kenny Cantor and Ken Barnes

1971-72 Aladdin Civic, Barnsley

This panto for Duggie Chapman, starring Bobby Bennet, The Harmans, Duggie Chapman and Suzanne Kaye

1972-3 Aladdin Alhambra, Bradford

or Hedley Claxton. With Bobby Bennett, Jack Tripp, Jasmine Dee, June Shand,

1973-4 Unknown  



During the summer Paul and Barry were the clowns at the Tower Circus, Blackpool

1974-75 Cinderella  Bournemouth Pavilion

Derek Salberg's pantomime starring Dickie Henderson, Arthur Askey, Paul & Barry Harman, Barry Howard and Danny O' Dea.

1975-76 Aladdin Norwich

Paul & Barry Harman, David Davenport, John Inman, Yvonne Marsh and George Barnes.


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Wolverhampton Grand 

Paul & Barry Harman also starring Su Pollard, Don Maclean and Anne Aston.

1977-78 Aladdin Bournemouth Pavilion

Robert Luff's production starring Don Maclean, Peter Butterworth, Lenny Henry, Pauline Whitaker and Paul & Barry Harman.

1978-79 Dick Whittington Coventry Theatre 

as Harman & Elliott, Starring Tom O'Connor and Peter Butterworth. Presented by Bernard Delfont.


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Davenport Theatre, Southport

as Harman & Elliott, Starring Charlie Drake and Anne Aston


Thank you to Paul Kavanagh for providing us with this handbill

1980-81 Puss In Boots Kirkcaldy

as Harman & Elliott with Joe Brady, Leon Sinden and Graham Bickley

1972/3 - Alhambra, Bradford

Pantomimes as 'The Chuckle Brothers'



Dick Whittington

Grand Swansea

With Harry H. Corbett, Mike Holoway, Desmond Barrit

and the Chuckle Brothers as Captain & Mate.


1982 - 83






Robin Hood


as the Harman brothers

(Returning to a venue they had played many times with their 'old' names)

with Syd Francis as Dame and John Buick. Paul & Barry played the Robbers Will & Wont!'



Robin Hood 

New Theatre Cardiff

As The Chuckle Brothers

with Ruth Madoc, Stu Francis, Kim Braden, Anna Karen,

Douglas Fielding, Maurice Thorogood, Douglas Anderson



Civic Halifax.

With Vince Hill, Linda Nolan and Geoff Capes. For Stanley Sher Productions.


Jack & The Beanstalk


For Nick Thomas with Bernie Clifton, Kathy Staff and Suzanne Dando.

This panto included appearances by 'The Chucklehounds'


Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Civic Darlington

for Nick Thomas with Stu Francis, Linda Nolan and Geoff Capes.

This panto included appearances by 'The Chucklehounds'


Dick Whittington

St. Alban's Civic Hall

for Nick Thomas. With Dave Lee Travis, Wincey Willis and the Chucklehounds.




Civic Darlington

with Jimmy Cricket, Anna Karen, Chris Hayward and Simon Bashford.



The Hawth, Crawley

With Dave Lee Travis, Maddie Cryer.



Dick Whittington

Hexagon, Reading

Nick Thomas & Jon Conway production
with Anita Dobson, Christopher Biggins and Denise Douglas.
Television Pantomime 27th December

Jack & The Beanstalk


written by Jim Eldridge
Fairy Queen: Lesley Joseph, Fairy Flap: Tricia George, First Jack: Barry Chuckle, Second Jack: Paul Chuckle, Squire Hire: John Altman, Dame Turtle: Lila Kaye, Madge the neighbour: Anne Charleston, Harp: Caroline O'Connor, Giant: Howard Lew Lewis, Barry Bitter: Matthew Devitt, Travellers: Andi Peters, Travellers: Simon Parkin, Presenters: Yvette Fielding, Presenters: Diane-Louise Jordan


Dick Whittington

Theatre Royal, Newcastle

with Su Pollard, Peter Byrne, Roger Kitter and Jenny Coulston


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

with Linda Lusardi, Stu Francis, Tommy Mundon, Nikki Kelly and Kenny Baker



Cambridge Corn Exchange

with Dora Bryan, Ross Newton, Simone Robertson and Philip Day

Archive ITV Report on production


Jack & The Beanstalk

Grand Swansea

with Dan Falzon, Vicki Michelle, Patrick Mower, Zoe Nicholls and Owen Money



Mother Goose

Hippodrome Birmingham

with Matthew Kelly, Vicki Michelle, Andy Crane, Bruce Roberts, Robert Duncan and Suzanne Dando


Dick Whittington

Lyceum Sheffield

with Robin Askwith, Bella Emberg, Tony Peers, Peter Byrne and James Horne.



Dick Whittington

Civic Darlington

with Robin Askwith and Peter Byrne


Dick Whittington

Alhambra Bradford

with Lisa Riley, Tony Peers, Peter Byrne, Maurice Thorogood 


Jack & The Beanstalk

Nottingham Theatre Royal

with Don Maclean, Bonnie Langford, Tony Adams and Robin Askwith



Civic Darlington

as Wishee & Washee. With their brothers,  Jimmy & Brian- The Patton Brothers, Alan Meadows, Katie Costello and Nathan Zorchak.



Regent Stoke

(Wishee & Washee) With The Patton Brothers once again, and Andrew Golding with Louise Stone.



Cliffs Pavilion Southend

as Buttons & Zip with Dr.Evadne Hinge (George Logan) and Penny Taylor.


Dick Whittington

Opera House Manchester

Captain & Mate with Helen Noble and Jeffrey Holland.


Jack & The Beanstalk

Plymouth Theatre Royal

with Tudor Davies, Helen Noble, Jason Pethers and Roni Elizabeth Hart



New Theatre Hull

as Buttons & Zip with Spencer K Gibbins and Roni Hart,



UK Tour


2008-09 Aladdin Cliffs Pavilion Southend This pantomime marks Forty years of panto since they appeared at the Swansea Grand as Jessie The Cow!
2009-10 A Christmas Chuckle National Tour

with The Patton Brothers, Safire (Jayne and Stuart Loughland)

2010-11 The 12 Days of Christmas National Tour with Safire (Jayne and Stuart Loughland)
2011-12 Cinderella

New Theatre Hull

executive producer - Jon Conway

directed and choreographed by Alan Harding

musical direction by Iain Vince Gatt


The Chuckle Brothers

Duncan Leighton

Nathan Kiley

Andrew Dyer

Dom Hodson

Nicky Adams

Emma Dearden 

2012-13 Sleeping Beauty

New Theatre Hull

Executive Producer - Jon Conway

directed and choreographed by Alan Harding

musical supervision by Olly Ashmore


The Chuckle Brothers

Des King

Wendy Sommerville

Barry Bloxham

Lea Marinelli

Nick Millward  

2013-14 Aladdin

Darlington Civic Theatre

directed by David Burrows

musical direction by Andy Pickering

choreographed by Craig Turbyfield


The Chuckle Brothers

Philip Meeks

Phil Corbitt

Danny Potts

Beth Stobbart

Lois Brookes

Danny Potts

Emily Sunman

Ricky Lee Loftus

Kofi Aidoo Appiah

Grace Reynolds

Chelsea Inez 

2014-15 The Chuckles of Oz

Darlington Civic Theatre

The Chuckles of Oz

directed by David Burrows

musical direction by Joe Morley

choreographed by Steven Harris


The Chuckle Brothers

Emma Francis

Adam C Booth

Phil Corbitt

Lauren Varnham

Danny Potts

Beth Stobbart

Daniel Walker

Alex Taylor-Robertson

Bethany Whittle

Sophie O'Connor

Angela Sheppard

Chris Kayson 

2015-16 Peter Pan

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

adapted by Alan McHugh

directed by David Burrows
musical supervision by Olly Ashmore

musical direction by David Lane
choreographed by Steven Harris


The Chuckle Brothers

John Altman

Ross Carpenter

Lucy Evans

Hannah Nicholas

Kimmy Edwards

Philip Town

Sara Morley

Angela Sheppard

Penny Smart

Austin Wilks

Alex Sturman

Cameron MacDonald

Sophie O'Connor


Panto Launch Q&A 

2016-17 Jack and the Beanstalk

Theatre Royal, Nottingham

written by Jonathan Kiley and Alan McHugh

directed by Ken Alexander

musical supervision by Olly Ashmore

musical direction by Allan Rogers

choreographed by Paul Robinson


The Chuckle Brothers

Tony Maudsley


Daniel Boys

Sarah Earnshaw

Paul Gabriel

Gemma Buckingham

Laura Ava Scott

Helen Penn

Dean McCullough

Anthony Starr

Hannah Faith Marram

India Thornton

Josh Edgington

Ryan James 

2017-18 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Mayflower, Southampton

written by Alan McHugh
directed and choreographed by Andrew Wright
musical direction by Simon Pickering

Craig Revel Horwood

The Chuckle Brothers


Oliver Savile

Charlotte Haines

Richard Morgan

Finlay McFarlane

Jacob Morris

Mark Laverty

Michael Joseph

Joe Douglass

Scott Hayward

Paul Toulson

Holly Prentice

Charlotte Alloway

Ashleigh Graham

Jordan Anderton

Cameron MacDonald

Mollie McGugan

Liam Morris

William Atkinson

Hannah Kenna-Thomas

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