“Around the World in Eighty Days-never heard of it!”

I was astounded a few months ago to hear an alleged well-educated schoolboy of 15 or so give utterance to this statement. I had been having a booky chat with him and had found him lamentably ignorant concerning the favourites of my own boyhood’s days.


Now I am a Lancashire man and went to school in Liverpool, and in those days my chums and I simply devoured Jules Verne’s works. My favourite was “Around The World In Eighty Days”, and I cannot imagine why the rising generation cannot be equally enthusiastic over the famous French author’s genius.


I have made almost exhaustive enquiries in Lancashire as a result of my young friend’s remark and find that very few indeed of the girls and boys of today have ever read Jules Verne, or even heard of him.


This is a very great pity when it is remembered that Verne foretold the coming of the submarine, the advent of the airship, and predicted the possibility of reaching the moon in a projectile- like the rocket that an American professor is even now trying to make an accomplished fact.


Now I want to make all my young Lancashire compatriots as fond of Jules Verne’s books as myself. To that end, in conjunction with Moss Empires, I have had this special edition of “Around the World in Eighty Days” printed, and it has been arranged to give away a copy of this book to any boy or girl who applies for one, enclosing three penny stamps for postage and despatch.



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